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Key Benefits

1) Saves Money, Increases Capacity, Improves Comfort & Reliability!

2) Slashes peak demand fees associated with air conditioning

  • Eliminates up to 95% of on-peak air conditioning demand

3) Cuts air conditioning on-peak electrical consumption costs

  • Lowers cost of air conditioning by shifting consumption to lower cost, more efficient off-peak hours
  • Consumes an equal or lesser amount of energy

4) Improves air conditioner energy efficiency

  • Unlike traditional air conditioners, delivers consistent capacity on 95+ degree days with no degradation in performance and no increase in power consumption
  • Operates condensing unit at high efficiency with no cycle-losses
  • Preserves the stored thermal energy in a R18+ double-walled tank

5) Offers superior comfort and cooling reliability

  • Provides consistent cooling regardless of outside ambient temperatures
  • Delivers outstanding surge capacity for fast “cool-down”
  • Eliminates “freeze-up”, a major cause of cooling complaints
  • Improves cooling performance of evaporator coils with liquid overfeed

6) Enables compliance to California’s Title 24 2005 Building Energy Efficiency standards

  • Yields up to 22 times more Time Dependent Valuation (TDV) energy savings than a 14 SEER air conditioner
  • Accelerates compliance for existing designs
  • Enhances building design flexibility for new designs or modifications
  • Applicable to remodel projects
  • Demonstrates energy consumption savings in several climate zones

7) Assists LEED certification

  • Adds 3 or more points to the Energy and Atmosphere credits
  • Contributes to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) credits
  • Brings Thermal Energy Storage (TES) enabling performance to refrigerant based air-conditioning projects

8) Complements solar photovoltaic (PV) renewable energy systems

  • Removes the largest day time electrical load: The air conditioner Reduces area required for solar panels
  • Provides cooling during peak heat of day when solar PV output lags
  • Costs are 1/10th of solar PV

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