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Hybrid Cooling Solutions for the Utility Industry
Increasing the Value of Wind & Solar

Scale deployment of Hybrid Cooling solutions dramatically improves the viability and value of intermittent renewable energy resources.

Because it stores energy at night for use during the day, hybrid cooling is a natural complement to wind power, which generates only about 5% of its useful output during peak periods.

Storing power at night and using it to offset peak daytime demand increases the value of wind as a reliable, higher value power source and bolsters the market for off-peak wind.

Leveling the Post-Solar Peak

Hybrid Cooling is also a complement to solar PV, helping to harness the daytime power of the sun at night. Solar generation naturally peaks with the sun at midday; driven by air conditioning, utility demand peaks between 4 and 7 pm. 


By shifting late afternoon air conditioning load to off-peak hours, Hybrid Cooling levels this post-solar peak, reducing the use of gas-fired peakers and dramatically improving the payback on PV systems.

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