Distributed Energy Storage for Air Conditioning

Ice Energy owns a proprietary technology and a field tested product that unleashes the off-peak potential of our nation's electrical grid.  Acute constraints in the grid are caused by our demand for air conditioned comfort. The blackout last summer was graphic evidence  that the grid canít service the daytime demand for cooling when typically 30% of the energy is flowing to service commercial and residential air conditioning demand. We can't meet the growing daytime demand for cooling yet an excess generation and transmission capacity exists at night.  Ice Energy bridges the gap by filling the valley at night with the peak from the day with an affordable, off-the-shelf, non-engineered energy storage product known as the Ice Bear.

 Ice Energy provides Demand Side Management, Energy Storage, Peak Shaving, and Energy Conservation solutions for commercial buildings ranging from small fast food restaurant chains to box retailers, Elementary schools, branch banks, automotive dealers, military bases and residences.

Ice Energy manufactures an efficient, affordable, off-the-shelf Distributed Energy Storage module that directly offsets the single largest contributor to summer on-peak demand --air conditioning. The technology is good for the environment and it saves money. The Ice Bear offsets the need for new peak power plants and transmission lines and virtually eliminates on-peak air conditioning electric demand by shifting energy consumption to lower priced off-peak hours.

The Ice Bear is the first product to complement the high volume "residential style" unitary (sometimes referred to as central or packaged) air conditioning market. The Ice Bear uses technology common to existing residential and small to medium sized commercial building HVAC design. The local HVAC dealer installs the complete solution which includes standard thermostats, fans, evaporator coils and refrigeration supply lines. Ice Energy manufactures the Distributed Energy Storage module and packages a standard 5-Ton compressor/condenser assembly. Example of a typical installation.

Our customers continue to enjoy the benefits of cooling even during the hottest on-peak summer days without sacrifice, while saving money and reducing air pollution. Ice Energy is an enabling technology for real-time and time-of-use pricing as it allows commercial and residential customers to purchase and receive electricity when demand and prices are low and to later use that energy to produce air conditioning when demand and prices are high. Ice Energy uses a high-efficiency air conditioner condensing unit to make ice during the eveningís off-peak hours. The system provides cooling during the day by seamlessly disengaging the energy-consuming, 5000-watt compressor and replacing it with a small, 100-watt refrigerant pump. One of the many remarkable features of the Ice Bear is that it uses the same amount of energy (or less) in a twenty four hour period. The markets we serve.

Cut your electric bill by reducing summer peak electricity demand

Our patented technology reduces the cooling portion of demand based electric bills by as much as 90% without requiring changes to behavior, obtaining environmental emissions permits, or installing new utility interconnections. In many applications, overall energy usage may be reduced, satisfying environmentally concerned commercial and residential consumers.

Ice Energy customers use electricity off-peak, when electric demand and energy prices are low, to make and store ice energy using their HVACís compressor. The stored ice energy later provides inexpensive cooling during the high energy priced and hottest hours of the day.

November 18, 2003

Industry News
Ice Energy Receives
Top Industry Award


2004 AHR Expo Innovation Award Winners Selected

The winners of the second annual AHR Expo Innovation Awards have been announced by the program sponsors. The most innovative products among the thousands on display at the 2004 AHR Expo have been selected as winners...   read more..

October 20, 2003

Seventy-five emerging technology companies in the energy industry converged on Philadelphia Thursday to introduce their businesses to some of the premier energy venture capitalists from around the world. The companies presented their best case for funding to an audience of investors, including angels, venture capitalists, equity partners, investment banks, and utilities.  read more..

October 17, 2003
Ice Energy Named "Most Promising Company" At Recent Energy Venture Fair IV

Philadelphia, PA-October 17, 2003 Ice Energy, LLC., today announced that it was named "Most Promising Company" among the 75 energy companies that presented at the Energy Venture Fair IV, held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania last week.

Energy Venture Fair IV is an event organized to bring emerging companies in the energy sector together with an audience of more than 300 angel investors, venture capitalists, equity partners, and investment banks.

Ice Energy serves the demand side management sector with a proprietary energy storage product that unleashes the off-peak potential of the electrical grid.  read more..

September, 2003
Joseph T. Gorman Joins Ice Energy Board of Directors

Mr. Gorman, a renowned business leader, who served as chairman and CEO of TRW Inc. from December 1988 through his retirement in January 2001, has accepted a position on Ice Energy's board. Mr. Gorman had been TRW's president and COO since 1985. Mr. Gorman is currently director of Alcoa Inc., the Procter and Gamble Company, National City Corporation, and Imperial Chemical Industries PLC. read more..

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