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Honeywell HPA300

Honeywell HPA300 Picture

Honeywell HPA300 Picture

I f you want to reduce the level of indoor pollution and live in a healthy and safe environment, then you should consider opting for an air purifier that comes with a HEPA filter. If you want to remove odors in addition to dust, pollen, and other polluting particles of the sort, we recommend the Honeywell HPA300. Aside from the HEPA media, it uses an activated carbon filter as well, which can significantly reduce unpleasant odors. Moreover, it is among the more cost-friendly options on the market for its coverage rating (465 square feet, to be precise), so there’s the added benefit that you make a budget-smart selection if you opt for it.

Honeywell HPA300 Picture

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Technical Details

It is very powerful considering the fact that it can cover large rooms of up to 465 square feet. According to several customers, it performs quite well in larger areas of approximately 700 square feet, so you can consider it for larger zones too. It does not produce ozone in its operation, which is another plus as people who suffer from asthma and other respiratory disorders are at risk when in the presence of a system that produces it. Instead, it only uses filters in order to reduce the amount of pollen, bacteria, and dust from the indoor air, more precisely:

  • A pre-filter activated carbon media that has the main role of reducing odors, including the likes of tobacco smoke, paint fumes, pet smell, and more. When it comes to routine replacement, it should be performed every 3 months.
  • A HEPA filter that captures 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns and larger to keep the air free of allergens and other health-threatening contaminants. This media requires replacement on an annual basis, so upkeep costs are not high at all.


Honeywell HPA300 Spec Sheet
Area coverage 465 sq. ft.
Air purification efficiency 99.97%
Filtration stages 2
Filter media Pre-filter activated carbon media, HEPA filter
Air changes per hour 5
Air circulation 320 CFM
CADR rating 300 for pollen, 300 for smoke, 320 for dust
Energy Star certification
Noise output 50 dB
Filter life 3-12 months
Filter check indicator
Speed settings 4
Size 13” x 22” x 23.5”
Guarantee 5 years
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  • The main HEPA filter can remove dust and pollen, but it’s less efficient at dealing with indoor allergens the likes of pet hair or larger particles.
  • The True-HEPA filtration is extremely effective at capturing a large number of contaminants and dangerous particles that are 0.3 microns or larger in size.
  • It is said that HEPA filtration can trap 99.7% of the contaminants and pollutants, which is a good thing for people with allergies as it rids indoor air of as many potentially health-threatening particles as possible.

See how it compares to other air purifiers for allergies and asthma to get a better idea on whether or not it complies to your expectations.


  • Automatic shut-off timer function can be set for 2, 4, or 8 hours so that you save money on operating the system.
  • It features electronic reminders that notify you when the filters need to be replaced so that you won’t have to manually check by taking it apart routinely to see when change is due.
  • It provides 4 air cleaning levels to pick from, more precisely Allergen, General Clean, Germ, and Turbo.
  • The Turbo setting is a great addition as it provides a speedier operation so that unpleasant odors are more quickly removed from the room.

For odor removal you should look into specialy air purifiers for odor removal as their filter media are designed to focus more on this specific issue, granting fresher air faster than other purification systems.

Honeywell HPA300 Picture
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  • Measuring 13″ by 22″ by 23.5″, it is a medium-sized model that you can use either at home or at the office, not taking up much space where you install it.
  • As it weighs only 17 pounds, relocation won’t be difficult in the slidest, especially considering that it even features side handles that help you hold onto it well during transport.
  • The controls are located at the top part, while the bottom is where you find the air vents.
  • It comes in black only, but this should not be an issue as this color likely matches any decor.

Warranty and support

Honeywell has a reputation for offering good customer service so we definitely recommend you take advantage of it whenever you have any questions regarding the system. On their official website, you can download a user manual, ask for more help by contacting the Honeywell representatives by phone/email, or just browse the FAQs section as you might find the help you seek there. Regarding the warranty trial, it is covered against manufacturing defects for 5 years from the moment of purchase.


You are likely already aware of how big of a difference it makes to acquire from a reputable brand, and seeing how Honeywell is among the resounding names on the market for household appliances and systems, it comes as no surprise that the Honeywell HPA300 ranks among the best air purifiers for dust and the best air purifiers for allergies and asthma. It uses just 2 cleaning stages in its operation, but these suffice seeing how they are comprised of an activated carbon filter that tackles odors and a HEPA filter that eliminates upward to 99.97% of microscopic-sized particles. Seeing how you won’t need to spend much money on maintenance either, filter changes being required only once every 3 months for the pre-filter and every 12 months for the HEPA media, it’s all the more encouraging to use this system if you are in need of air filtration to keep your health in good shape.

Markus Mackay
Markus Mackay
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