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8 Best Rated Portable Evaporative Air Cooler - Swamp Cooler for Comfort During Hot Days

Portable Evaporative Air Cooler Between Two Living Room Armchairs

Portable Evaporative Air Cooler Between Two Living Room Armchairs


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H arnessing water evaporation to decrease temperature and provide a cooling effect is what portable evaporative coolers provide. Ideal for hot and dry environments through the nature of their operation as they not only cool the air inside the space you place them in, but raise humidity at the same time, these appliances are perfect for at-home or office use.

Less expensive than traditional air conditioners, more energy-efficient, and portable, evaporative coolers are a must-have for the warm season. If you are interested in creating thermal comfort indoors with a unit of the sort, we recommend that you opt for one of the models reviewed and ranked below since these are the best money can buy. Before we dive into the topic though, we want to go over an important step when selecting the air cooler, namely proper sizing.

How to Size an Evaporative Air Cooler

By simply combining the naturally occurring process of evaporation with an air-moving system, evaporative models manage to lower temperatures in their surrounding area in an effective yet energy-efficient manner. As the hot air is drawn, cooled, and then outputted into the room, a negative difference of up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit can be felt in the environment. However, the efficiency depends on you making a correct pick when it comes to its size.

For the household device to be able to adequately cool the space you intend to place it in, it must have the right CFM rating. This measurement indicates how many cubic feet per minute of air it will be able to blow into your home. To figure out the right CFM rating, and thus the proper size for it to have, you must calculate it using a simple formula where you take the cubic feet of the room or area you want to use it in, and divide the number by two.

Temperature Drop Chart

In the chart below, we will show you the estimated temperature of the cooled air outputted given a certain combination of ambient temperature and relative humidity when the cooling pads are saturated in a proportion of 80%. You need to check it out as the cooling efficiency of the household device greatly relies on these two factors, after proper sizing environmental conditions weighing most in establishing what product you actually need.

Ambient Temperature °F Relative Humidity %
10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90%
50°F 38 CFM 39 CFM 41 CFM 42 CFM 44 CFM 45 CFM 46 CFM 48 CFM 49 CFM
60°F 45 CFM 47 CFM 49 CFM 51 CFM 52 CFM 54 CFM 56 CFM 57 CFM 58 CFM
70°F 52 CFM 54 CFM 56 CFM 59 CFM 61 CFM 63 CFM 65 CFM 67 CFM 68 CFM
80°F 59 CFM 62 CFM 64 CFM 67 CFM 70 CFM 72 CFM 74 CFM 76 CFM 78 CFM
90°F 65 CFM 69 CFM 72 CFM 75 CFM 78 CFM 80 CFM 83 CFM 86 CFM 88 CFM
100°F 76 CFM 80 CFM 83 CFM 87 CFM 90 CFM 93 CFM 95 CFM 98 CFM
110°F 83 CFM 88 CFM 92 CFM 95 CFM 99 CFM 102 CFM 105 CFM 108 CFM
120°F 95 CFM 100 CFM 104 CFM 108 CFM 111 CFM 114 CFM 118 CFM
130°F 103 CFM 108 CFM 112 CFM 117 CFM 120 CFM 124 CFM 127 CFM

If you like the idea of a swamp cooler, you should also look into an outdoor misting fan that will produce a cooling breeze with moisture in it. The cooling effect it has is perfect for those days when you want to sit on the lounge chair and tan, yet the temperature makes sitting outside unbearable.

Top 8 Portable Evaporative Coolers Compared

Air Flow
Area Coverage
Water Tank
Fan Speeds
Max. Sound Level
Power Draw

Best Overall
2,200 CFM
750 square feet
10.3 gallons
59 dB
250 watts
1 year

Editor’s Choice
1,540 CFM
850 square feet
15.9 gallons
65 dB
220 watts
1 year

Best for the Money
1,000 CFM
300 square feet
5.3 gallons
42 dB
160 watts
1 year
500 CFM
300 square feet
1.84 gallons
56 dB
75 watts
90 days
500 CFM
250 square feet
1.76 gallons
66 dB
110 watts
1 year
600 CFM
400 square feet
2.65 gallons
60 watts
1 year
214 CFM
425 square feet
1.59 gallons
56 dB
110 watts
1 year
350 CFM
250 square feet
1.8 gallons
35 dB
65 watts
1 year

Quick Summary - What Makes Our Picks Top-Tier Swamp Coolers?

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  • Hessaire MC37A: Purchasing this cooling appliance might require a bit of financial effort, but seeing how it delivers a high 2,200 CFM airflow and is designed to provide an environmentally friendly and efficient manner to lower temperature during hot days, it’s safe to say that you won’t regret making this acquisition.
  • Honeywell CO60PM: The optimum cooling provided by the honeycomb style media alongside its generous area coverage and airflow rating makes it the most desirable appliance to have at home when the weather gets too hot. Seeing how it also serves as a humidifier, it helps enhance air quality at the same time, thus creating a healthier and more pleasant living environment for you.
  • NewAir Portable Evaporative Cooler AF-1000: NewAir presents customers with a 2-in-1 unit that works as a fan and evaporative cooler, all at the cost of a single appliance (and a relatively cheap one, too). Easy to use and fitted with all the features modern people have come to expect from the products they acquire, it’s an option worth looking into.
  • Costway 23664-CYPE-CS: The best-selling entry in this niche, this Costway system is perfect for year-round use as it provides 4 functions in a single unit – cooler, heater, humidifier, and fan. Furthermore, it comes at a very cheap price that makes it an accessible acquisition.
  • Luma Comfort EC110S: In terms of energy efficiency, it’s hard to top this economical product that consumes only 110 watts to run. But it isn’t the low power consumption alone that drew us to it, but rather its exceptional airflow delivery and convenient, space-saving design.
  • SPT SF-608R: Boasting a simple operation, a high efficiency in terms of air cooling, and a low asking price, the SF-608R makes for a great companion during torrid summer days. There are few complaints we have regarding its quality, reason why we strongly recommend you take a bigger interest in this product as it is indeed worth your hard-earned money.
  • Whirlpool WPEC12GW: It might not deliver as high of airflow as other entries do, but balancing the functions and features it comes with, it is safe to say that this Whirlpool is one worth every cent. Featuring operational modes that cater to different situations optimally, it is your best choice if you want a cool environment to live in.
  • Frigidaire EC200WF: An energy-efficient air cooler that works for spaces of up to 250 square feet. It’s silent – only outputs 30 dB on the highest of its 4 fan speeds. Moreover, it features an ice tank where you can put ice cubes to chill down the cooling breeze it produces even further.

A swamp cooler might do a fine job at lowering the temperature, but it isn’t as efficient as an AC system is. Look into small portable air conditioners if you want to see better results in temperature reduction, and you won’t sweat a minute when you’re inside when summer comes.

1. Hessaire MC37A

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8 Best Rated Portable Evaporative Air Cooler – Swamp Cooler for Comfort During Hot Days


👍 Features a 3-sided pad intake area which ensures maximum cooling
👍 Safety automatic shut-off feature prevents overheating
👍 Features the Air Swing Delivery System that ensures maximum coverage
👍 The power cord measures 7 feet in length
👍 Can be directly connected to a hose for a constant water supply


👎 Outputs an unpleasant odor during the first few days of use
👎 It makes a bit of a ruckus when it runs

Summer is sure to become your new favorite season with the MC37A by your side, the effective water evaporation technique it employs cooling down the space to make hot weather days more bearable. Sure, it might cost a pretty penny, but balancing all the features it provides, its portable design, and intuitive operation, it would be a shame to overlook it because of a few extra bucks on the price tag.

Dual Water Tank Fill Options

Convenience is a key aspect to take into consideration with any appliance, and as luck has it, the Hessaire excels in this important department due to the dual water tank fill options – an automatic option, and a manual one. Obviously, the manual option requires you to refill the 10.3-gallon tank when it empties. On the other hand, the other option aforementioned eliminates all hassle involved as a continuous operation is offered by the float valve that you can connect to a garden hose.

Reduced Power Consumption

When it comes to energy efficiency, it surpasses expectations as it not only consumes little power to operate, to begin with, drawing only 250 watts but because it comes with the timer feature that helps reduce running costs. You can set the appliance to automatically shut off after 0.5, 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours of operation, thus ensuring it won’t consume more power than needed to preserve a cool environment.

Mention-Worthy Features and Specs

  • Xel50 cooling pad boasts a long lifespan during which it provides maximum cooling efficiency.
  • Louvers automatically oscillate from left to right to ensure even cooling of the space this appliance is placed in.
  • Low water indicator keeps you aware of how much time is left until refilling is required in case you opt for the manual fill mode.
  • When it is engaged and you have selected a certain span for its operation, the timer button gets lit.
  • High-velocity axial fan blade design ensures maximum efficiency.

Speaking of high velocity, look into the best high velocity fans if you would much rather opt for a dry breeze to cool you off.

Design – Build and Mobility

As portability is your top interest with it, you should know that the MC37A delivers it with the help of the sturdy caster wheels it features. When it comes to design, we must praise its rather compact build as it measures a mere 24” by 16” by and 38”. It weighs 39 pounds, which ensures that no excruciating effort is needed to transport it from one room to another.

Hessaire MC37A Specifications Sheet

Airflow: 2,200 CFM Area Coverage: 750 sq. ft.
Fan Speed Settings: 3 Water Tank Capacity: 10.3 gallons
Motor: 1/5 HP Sound Level: 59 dB
Power Draw: 250 watts Dimensions: 24” x 16” x 38”
Weight: 39 lbs. Warranty: 1 year

2. Honeywell CO60PM

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8 Best Rated Portable Evaporative Air Cooler – Swamp Cooler for Comfort During Hot Days


👍 Utilizes the effective 3-side Honeycomb cooling media
👍 Fitted with a 6-foot long power cord
👍 Strong casters allow easy moving of the cooling appliance
👍 Combines three different appliances in one – cooler, fan, and humidifier
👍 You can opt for continuous water supply


👎 Does not come with a remote control
👎 The water level gauge is a bit hard to read

An Eco-friendly, low-cost option to keep your home cool even on the hottest summer day, this no-compressor system is ideal for use if you live in a hot and dry area. Using the natural process of water evaporation and a fan, it provides you with a comfortable, cool breeze that will make it bearable to sit inside regardless of how hot the weather is on that particular day.

More Than a Cooler

What’s interesting about the CO60PM and makes it all the more desirable is the fact that it provides more than just cooling of indoor air when the weather is unbearably hot. In fact, it fulfills the role of 3 different appliancesthe cooler, the fan, and the humidifier. Thus, it not only makes the indoor environment more pleasant to be in, but it helps enhance air quality at the same time as well.

Unbeatable Energy Efficiency

Seeing how a modern household is full of electronics and appliances that draw electricity to run, thus raising costs on the power bill, energy efficiency is a point of interest when making any acquisition. Luckily, this Honeywell appliance presents you with an energy-efficient manner to keep your home cool as it only consumes 220 watts to operate. Its non-compressor design is what helps give it this high efficiency, while the wide fan blades it features ensure fast air circulation to lower the temperature as fast as possible.

Mention-Worthy Features and Specs

  • Can be used for indoor, as well as outdoor cooling due to the UV and weather-resistant build it boasts.

    If the patio is the outdoor area where you’re interested in creating more pleasant conditions, we also recommend you consider an outdoor patio ceiling fan. It’s completely out of the way and produces a cooling breeze that will make you feel comfortable even when the temperature soars.

  • Powerful 1,540 cubic feet per minute airflow ensures fast cooling of the air.
  • Optimum cooling performance is granted by the honeycomb-style cooling media it utilizes.
  • Features a top-loading ice compartment that gives you the chance to opt for extra cooling when the weather gets too hot.
  • Promotes unattended operation for your convenience as it features a copper continuous water supply connection.

Incomparable Portability Due to Smart Design

As expected seeing how it is a portable model, the appliance features caster wheels which endorse easy mobility from room to room. Designed to ease your life, it measures only 18.35 inches in length, 27.56 inches in width, 40.04 inches in height, and weighs 41 pounds. Thus, as you add to the portability enhancing wheels the compact design, you have a great appliance for home or office use.

The same portable design is seen in 4 other Honeywell portable evaporative coolers, namely the CL201AE, the CL30XC, the CL25AE, and the CS10XE. You can learn more about their performance and see how these alternative Honeywell models compare to the CO60PM by checking out the following table. Their performance differs slightly when it comes to their cooling power, but each is worth checking out, hands down. All of them come with the Honeywell quality guarantee, so regardless of which model you pick, what you can be sure of is that durability and a streamlined performance are a given.

Honeywell CO60PM vs. Honeywell CL201AE vs. Honeywell CL30XC vs. Honeywell CL25AE vs. Honeywell CS10XE

Honeywell CO60PM
Honeywell CL201AE
Honeywell CL30XC
Honeywell CL25AE
Honeywell CS10XE
  • Area coverage: 850 sq. ft.
  • Airflow capacity: 1,540 CFM
  • Motor: 5/17 HP
  • Water tank capacity: 15.9 gal.
  • Speed levels: 3
  • Size: 27.6” x 18.3” x 40”

Honeywell CO60PM Rating:
  • Area coverage: 290 sq. ft.
  • Airflow capacity: 470 CFM
  • Motor: 1/3 HP
  • Water tank capacity: 5.3 gal.
  • Speed levels: 3
  • Size: 18.9” x 14.6” x 32.9”

Honeywell CL201AE Rating:
  • Area coverage: 320 sq. ft.
  • Airflow capacity: 525 CFM
  • Motor: 1/6 HP
  • Water tank capacity: 7.9 gal.
  • Speed levels: 3
  • Size: 18” x 13.8” x 33.7”

Honeywell CL30XC Rating:
  • Area coverage: 300 sq. ft.
  • Airflow capacity: 500 CFM
  • Motor: 1/3 HP
  • Water tank capacity: 6.6 gal.
  • Speed levels: 4
  • Size: 18.9” x 14.6” x 33.3”

Honeywell CL25AE Rating:
  • Area coverage: 175 sq. ft.
  • Airflow capacity: 300 CFM
  • Motor: 0.13 HP
  • Water tank capacity: 2.6 gal.
  • Speed levels: 4
  • Size: 13.5” x 15.7” x 31.5”

Honeywell CS10XE Rating:

Honeywell CO60PM Specifications Sheet

Airflow: 1,540 CFM Area Coverage: 850 sq. ft.
Fan Speed Settings: 3 Water Tank Capacity: 15.9 gallons
Motor: 5/17 HP Sound Level: 65 dB
Power Draw: 220 watts Dimensions: 27.6” x 18.3” x 40”
Weight: 41 lbs. Warranty: 1 year

3. NewAir Portable Evaporative Cooler AF-1000

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8 Best Rated Portable Evaporative Air Cooler – Swamp Cooler for Comfort During Hot Days


👍 Honeycomb pad maximizes the water absorption area and filters impurities
👍 Digital display with push-button controls for ease of use
👍 Adjustable louvers – the air flows in the direction you choose
👍 Use the 10-hour timer to cut running costs
👍 Best for the money – comes at a cheap price yet performs just as well as more expensive products do


👎 The water gauge is difficult to read
👎 Might be more affordable to run than an AC, but it doesn’t cool as efficiently

This 2-in-1 unit is among the preferred choices of customers not only because it comes from a reliable brand – NewAir, to be specific – but because it circulates the air and reduces the temperature indoors in a very friendly manner. It is recommended for west and southwest climates, so if you live in an area of the sort, this is the air cooler for you. While the airflow capacity of the AF-1000 is a whopping 1,000 cubic feet per minute, it doesn’t impress when it comes to area coverage – 300 square feet.

The water tank capacity of this model is 5.3 gallons, so rest easy knowing you won’t refill it multiple times per day to keep a cool, pleasant environment indoors. You can fill the tank from the side, so the procedure itself is as easy as it gets. What you are bound to like is the flexibility it boasts when it comes to functionality. What this implies is that it can be used as a fan, an air cooler, or a combination of both. Whichever option you choose, what you are guaranteed is an increase in thermal comfort when you’re indoors.

This 160-watt air cooler doesn’t amp the electricity bill all that much, so you can go ahead and run it as long as you want to every day without worrying about costs. Since it produces only 42 decibels, you can even leave it on when you sleep or work since it doesn’t pose much of a distraction. It is a bit louder on the highest of its 3 fan speed settings, but nothing too bothersome. It is fitted with an extra-thick honeycomb cooling pad with a maximized water absorption area that has another interesting role – that of trapping impurities. You must routinely wash it when it gets dirty, and then you can reuse it. This specific detail helps save money on maintenance in the long run.

The digital display it features alongside the push-button controls make it a heaven-sent for first-time users since it’s as intuitive to operate as it gets. Moreover, a remote is included so that you can switch between settings and function without moving an inch from the couch or wherever in the room you’re sitting at that moment.

Keeping it clean is as easy as it gets – just wipe it with a dry cloth and you’re done. Since it’s fairly compact you won’t have to worry about finding a spot for it even in a crowded room, which is a plus. It weighs a mere 23.35 pounds, and seeing how it is fitted with caster wheels, moving it from room to room is a simple task for a single person to take up. Before we end, we must mention that any flaws in manufacturing are covered without charging you a cent for the first year after you make the purchase.

NewAir Portable Evaporative Cooler AF-1000 Specifications Sheet

Airflow: 1,000 CFM Area Coverage: 300 sq. ft.
Fan Speed Settings: 3 Water Tank Capacity: 5.3 gallons
Motor: N/A Sound Level: 42 dB
Power Draw: 160 watts Dimensions: 35.25” x 14.8” x 13”
Weight: 23.35 lbs. Warranty: 1 year

4. Costway 23664-CYPE-CS

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8 Best Rated Portable Evaporative Air Cooler – Swamp Cooler for Comfort During Hot Days


👍 The 4 caster wheels make it easy to move it when needed
👍 Features an 8-hour timer that helps save on operational costs
👍 Removable and washable filter serves the purpose of clearing impurities from the air
👍 3 fan modes to select between – Normal, Natural, and Sleep
👍 Comes at an affordable price


👎 Short warranty – only 90 days
👎 Water tends to collect underneath the reservoir

The non-compressor Costway system can cool an area of up to 300 square feet efficiently and inexpensively. Its popularity and status as the best seller come as a result of the aforementioned prowess in terms of performance, as well as the fact that it is a cheap purchase and doesn’t feature power-hungry components. It is a 4-in-1 system as it provides a total of 4 functionscooler, heater, humidifier, and fan.

To cool and distribute the air properly, it passes it through the honeycomb cooling media, all while the dust filter removes impurities that linger in it to ensure the air you breathe is safe and clean. The filter is removable and washable, so you won’t have to spend money on replacements, and it even generates negative ions with the help of the “Anion” setting to sterilize the air.

There are 3 fan speeds that you can pick between – low, medium, and high – as well as 3 fan modes that cater to specific situations – Normal, Natural, and Sleep. Evidently, on the Sleeping mode, it maintains as quiet of an operation as possible to not present a nuisance when you sleep. The same setup is seen in the previous model released by the company, namely the Costway 23430-CYPE that you can learn more about from the following comparison matrix. It’s an air cooler that we recommend for slightly smaller spaces since it is rated to have an airflow of 336 CFM. Nevertheless, it’s a worthwhile acquisition if the area you intend to use it in isn’t very large or you don’t have the budget for the 23430-CYPE yet you want to enjoy the Costway quality guarantee.

The 23664-CYPE-CS features an 8-hour timer that lets you set the desired operational span so that it doesn’t consume more energy than needed. It features a 7-liter or 1.84-gallon capacity water tank that prevents you from adding water continuously.

In terms of portability, it is quite appealing as it weighs only 17 pounds and features 4 caster wheels that make relocation an easy task. Furthermore, it measures only 15” in length by 11” in width by 29” in height, so it won’t take up much space. Woefully, the manufacturing company only backs it for 90 days of parts and labor, which is below industry standard in this department.

Costway 23664-CYPE-CS vs. Costway 23430-CYPE

Costway 23664-CYPE-CS
Costway 23430-CYPE
  • Area coverage: 300 sq. ft.
  • Airflow capacity: 500 CFM
  • Motor: N/A
  • Water tank capacity: 1.84 gal.
  • Speed levels: 3
  • Size: 15” x 11” x 29.5”

Costway 23664-CYPE-CS Rating:
  • Area coverage: N/A
  • Airflow capacity: 336 CFM
  • Motor: N/A
  • Water tank capacity: 1.6 gal.
  • Speed levels: 3
  • Size: 11” x 13.5” x 28”

Costway 23430-CYPE Rating:

Costway 23664-CYPE-CS Specifications Sheet

Airflow: 500 CFM Area Coverage: 300 sq. ft.
Fan Speed Settings: 3 Water Tank Capacity: 1.84 gallons
Motor: N/A Sound Level: 56 dB
Power Draw: 75 watts Dimensions: 15” x 11” x 29.5”
Weight: 17 lbs. Warranty: 90 days

5. Luma Comfort EC110S

Check Price at Amazon

8 Best Rated Portable Evaporative Air Cooler – Swamp Cooler for Comfort During Hot Days


👍 The timer allows you to select the exact operational span to save energy
👍 Remote control provides a convenient manner to change settings
👍 Compact design – measures 12.75 inches in length, 11.25 inches in width, and 34.5 inches in height
👍 Washable filter reduces maintenance costs
👍 Intuitive use grated by the digital display


👎 The water tank is small in size, meaning that it requires often refilling
👎 Noisier than our other selections

Due to the powerful 500 cubic feet per minute airflow rating it boasts, it is sure to get the job done in no time, making you feel comfortable even on the most torrid, unpleasant summer day. Designed for use in spaces of up to 250 square feet and boasting a low asking price, it is the most budget-friendly option you could go for at the moment.

Employed Cooling Technology

Not only is there no compressor involved in the cooling process this appliance employs, but it actually uses the highly energy-efficient cyclonic technology to deliver optimal results with minimal costs involved. As you press the Swing button on the remote or control panel, the fan head starts to oscillate counterclockwise to direct the air it has cooled into a cyclone, providing a more focused effect to reduce the temperature in the surrounding area.

Climate Control

Enjoying the possibility to lower the temperature indoors as much as you like is one of the main reasons why you would take interest in a cooler. From this point of view, you will be happy to learn that the EC110S allows full customization due to the 3 fan speeds it puts at your disposal. Thus, you will always be able to create the perfect ambiance in the space you sit in.

Mention-Worthy Features and Specs

  • To cool the air in the surrounding area, it uses energy-efficient cyclonic technology.
  • You are announced when the tank needs to be refilled by the low water level indicator it features.
  • Capable of lowering the temperature indoors by up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Casters ensure you will have an easy time moving it from room to room when needed.
  • Plastic housing ensures it can be used indoors, just as well as outdoors.

Design and Portability

In terms of design, this tower-style model is your best option. It measures 12.75 inches in length, 11.25 inches in width, and 34.5 inches in height, so regardless of how crowded the room you intend to place it in is, it won’t be a problem as you will be able to fit it there. When it comes to portability, considering that it weighs only 16.2 pounds and it features casters that make moving it absurdly easy, it’s safe to say that it will be a cinch for you to cool all the rooms in your home with it.

Luma Comfort EC110S Specifications Sheet

Airflow: 500 CFM Area Coverage: 250 sq. ft.
Fan Speed Settings: 4 Water Tank Capacity: 1.76 gallons
Motor: 0.15 HP Sound Level: 66 dB
Power Draw: 110 watts Dimensions: 12.75” x 11.25” x 34.5”
Weight: 16.2 lbs. Warranty: 1 year

6. SPT SF-608R

Check Price at Amazon

8 Best Rated Portable Evaporative Air Cooler – Swamp Cooler for Comfort During Hot Days


👍 The programmable timer can be set from 0.5 to 7.5 hours to save on operational costs
👍 The top ice box allows you to place ice inside it for extra cooling
👍 A remote control is included for a more convenient operation of the appliance
👍 Features a washable dust filter that helps minimize maintenance costs
👍 The water level indicator keeps you updated with the current status of the tank to ease maintenance work


👎 Lack of automatic overheat protection
👎 Small area coverage makes it less efficient than the other entries in our top

Using the simple yet efficient process of endothermic reaction, the SF-608R makes for a nifty solution to cool down when the temperature rises uncontrollably. It might be limited when it comes to the area coverage it provides, but seeing how this is a feature-rich product that comes at a cheap price, you cannot expect it to excel from all points of view.

Endothermic Reaction Explained

The SPT is so effective at its job due to the technology it employs, more precisely the endothermic reaction. What happens is that the hot air indoors is passed through a water-saturated wick which absorbs it consuming all the heat and reducing the temperature of the air before dispersing it back into the room.

Antibacterial Water Tank

Your health is most definitely one of your top priorities, and the SPT puts an accent on keeping you safe from this perspective as it features an antibacterial water tank. The sterile environment in which the water sits ensures it will be free of germs, thus, what is released back into the room being clean air that is 100% free of harmful contaminants.

Mention-Worthy Features and Specs

  • Oscillating louvers disperse the air evenly to the surrounding area to properly cool it.
  • Perfect for climates where humidity levels are below 40% as it increases moisture in the air.
  • When you install the included caster kit, it becomes a lot easier to move it from room to room.
  • Casters can be locked to ensure that the appliance won’t change its position when you knock into it.
  • Measures 25.2 inches in height, 15.4 inches in width, 11.8 inches in depth, and weighs 16.5 pounds.

Top Ice Box Role

One of the features that drew our attention the most was the top ice box as it has the role of further enhancing its cooling efficiency and speed. Just add ice inside this compartment and let the appliance run normally on your preferred speed setting, and you will witness a noticeable difference as extra cooling will be provided on the spot.

SPT SF-608R Specifications Sheet

Airflow: 600 CFM Area Coverage: 400 sq. ft.
Fan Speed Settings: 3 Water Tank Capacity: 2.65 gallons
Motor: 1/16 HP Sound Level: N/A
Power Draw: 60 watts Dimensions: 25.2” x 15.4” x 11.8”
Weight: 16.5 lbs. Warranty: 1 year

7. Whirlpool WPEC12GW

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8 Best Rated Portable Evaporative Air Cooler – Swamp Cooler for Comfort During Hot Days


👍 3 wind modes to cater to different situations optimally – Normal, Natural, and Sleep
👍 A dismountable honeycomb filter keeps the air in the room free of impurities
👍 Shuts down automatically after 15 hours of continuous use to prevent overheating
👍 The timer function can be set for 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours
👍 Features a horizontal louver and a vertical louver that oscillate automatically for even distribution


👎 Low airflow – only 214 cubic feet per minute
👎 Some users complained that it is noisier than they expected

It doesn’t provide the most impressive airflow compared to our other selections as it only delivers 214 cubic feet per minute, but this doesn’t mean that it is any less effective at cooling as, when used in an appropriate space of approximately 425 square feet, it does wonders, to say the least. Recommended for use in spaces where humidity tends to be low as it releases moisture into the air as well, it comes with a 1.59-gallon tank that won’t require refilling all that often.

There are 3 wind speeds and modes to pick from, the speeds including low, medium, and high, while the modes include Normal, Natural, and Sleeping. For example, if you let it run during the night, you should opt for the Sleeping mode as it will ensure a silent operation that won’t distract or bother you. This isn’t to say the Whirlpool is noisy otherwise as it produces a maximum noise output of 56 decibels, which makes operational noise your last worry with it.

It features a timer function that you can set for 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours according to your specific needs to cut down on operational costs. If you don’t select a specific option, it will automatically turn off after 15 hours to prevent overheating or any unwanted occurrence.

It even features a honeycomb filter that you can dismount to clean or replace when needed, a filter that evidently plays the role of ensuring clean air in the room. Lastly, we must mention that the manufacturer offers backing for it during the first year after purchase, which means that you won’t be throwing money out of your pocket to have eventual defective parts repaired.

Whirlpool WPEC12GW Specifications Sheet

Airflow: 214 CFM Area Coverage: 425 sq. ft.
Fan Speed Settings: 3 Water Tank Capacity: 1.59 gallons
Motor: N/A Sound Level: 56 dB
Power Draw: 110 watts Dimensions: 16.5” x 31.5” x 13.4”
Weight: 16.9 lbs. Warranty: 1 year

8. Frigidaire EC200WF

8 Best Rated Portable Evaporative Air Cooler – Swamp Cooler for Comfort During Hot Days


👍 2-in-1 product – use it either as an evaporative cooler or as a tower fan
👍 The wide angle oscillation maximizes coverage, ensuring an even cooling of the room
👍 The honeycomb cooling pad maximizes the machine’s home cooling efficiency
👍 Produces only 35 dB on the highest fan setting
👍 Among the more affordable options available


👎 You have to clean the tank and pump often, otherwise they become slimy
👎 It tilts forward when you move it using the handle, so make sure the water tank is at least half empty to avoid spills

This Frigidaire unit is a deal in the truest sense of the word. Aside from the fact that it comes at a cheap price compared to similarly performing air coolers, it is more versatile than its competition too. To be specific, you can use it either as an evaporative cooler or tower fan. So, on those days when indoor humidity is too high and using the evaporative cooler function would only worsen the situation since it would make the room feel like a sauna, you can use it as a simple tower fan to help you cool off without repercussions.

To benefit from its operation to the fullest, make sure that the space you use it in doesn’t exceed 250 square feet in size. Thanks to the wide-angle oscillation and honeycomb cooling pad, as long as you use the air cooler in an appropriately-sized space, it will grant rapid and even cooling. This efficient operation combined with its 65-watt power draw makes it one of the cheapest models to run.

It’s easy to fill the water tank since it detaches effortlessly and it’s perfect for sink fill-ups. The no-drip system makes it even better since you won’t make spills everywhere when you’re transporting or reinserting the tank either. The included remote makes it easy for you to change settings at any given moment, all without having to get off the couch. Speaking of settings, you can pick between 3 comfort settings, 4 fan speeds, and 4 timer options.

It weighs only 14.3 pounds when the reservoir is empty and features a handle that you can grab onto during transportation, these two elements making relocation a cinch. Just make sure that the tank is at least half empty when you move the unit around using the handle. It tends to tilt forward when you do so, which might result in the water from the tank spilling. Lastly, we mention that a 1-year warranty is provided by the manufacturing company.

Frigidaire EC200WF Specifications Sheet

Airflow: 350 CFM Area Coverage: 250 sq. ft.
Fan Speed Settings: 4 Water Tank Capacity: 1.8 gallons
Motor: 3/32 HP Sound Level: 35 dB
Power Draw: 65 watts Dimensions: 12.8” x 12.7” x 31.4”
Weight: 14.3 lbs. Warranty: 1 year

How Does It Work

Whether you choose a portable swamp cooler or a large one that can chill your entire house, it is important to understand how it works, as some variables need to be taken into consideration. For example, if you place it in an area that isn’t well ventilated, you might end up with a house filled with mold and mildew. However, if used properly, this device can bring real benefits and reduce symptoms that are usually associated with dry air.

Knowing how it works, you can make a more informed selection and get exactly what you need for your house. So let’s take a moment to explore the science, technology, and advantages that lay behind these revolutionary devices.

What is Evaporative Cooling?

As the name describes it, we are dealing with evaporation, the process of turning water from its liquid state to gas. This happens when the water is exposed to high temperatures, in our case when it meets the hot air in the room. The tiny bits that have the highest energy are the first to leave the water, thus resulting in a considerable drop in temperature.

To put it simpler, imagine you use a damp cloth to chill your forehead on a hot summer day. The sensation is wonderful, and the effects of the high temperature are reduced for a while. The whole process implies the water getting in contact with your warm body and gradually turning into gas. This way the temperature around your forehead is lowered and the discomfort reduced.

The Process Explained

These devices may come in different sizes, shapes, and colors, they may use either more or less advanced technologies, but one thing remains the same: the process behind. This means that the basic components are the same, so before jumping to how they work, we should focus first on the parts that make up the whole ensemble.

  • The Water Reservoir
    As we have already stated, the water is the main element of the process, and before plugging the cooler in, you must fill the included recipient with water or, in the case of an industrial evaporator, connect it to a water source through the built-in copper tube. The volume of the recipient can differ from one cooler to another, as they are designed to cool areas of different sizes. So keep this in mind: the larger the room that you need to chill, the higher the volume of the water reservoir.
  • The Evaporative Pad
    Thick and usually consisting of multiple layers, these pads soak up the water and work as filters for the hot air that goes through them. Not only that they cool the air, but capture air particles and some pollutants, improving the quality of the air. Many coolers come with additional filters, specially designed to keep viruses, bacteria, germs, allergens, and mold away.
  • The Fan
    It has a double function: to draw the hot air inside and to release it after it has been cooled down through the evaporation process. With some models, you can pick the speed of the fan, setting the rapidity of the chilling and the level of noise.
  • The Controls
    Usually, you can manage fan speed, oscillating function, or set a timer to reduce energy consumption. However, more expensive models will provide you with an LCD that reads parameters and helps you select the desired values. Other optional features include a remote, water level control, or night light.

Now that we’ve learned the components, explaining the process is easy. You fill the reservoir with water and the pads soak it up (in some cases, a pump is included to make the operation more effective). Then, once you power it on, the fan starts drawing the hot air inside. The air goes through the water-filled pads and evaporation happens, lowering the air temperature down to 20 degrees. If the cooler includes filters, the microorganisms and air pollutants are removed. The last step implies the chilled air being released back into the room, improving thermal comfort.

The Advantages of Using It

Besides being highly efficient in lowering the discomfort caused by dry air and high temperature, this appliance proves to be an excellent investment, especially when you compare it with an air cooler. Here are its main benefits:

  • It’s less expensive – You don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy the comfort of the cool air. Even the most expensive evaporators cost less than an air conditioner, and, although they can’t produce refrigerated air, they bring enough coolness to keep the horrid summer heat away.
  • It’s energy-saving – Your power bills won’t be overcharged by this little device, and if you choose to replace your air conditioner with it, you will see a huge difference when it comes to operating costs.
  • It’s environmentally-friendly – It doesn’t release refrigerant gas, which has been identified as a considerable pollutant for the environment.
  • It’s portable – No matter if you need more cooling at the office, or you are traveling through an arid desert, it will keep the temperature and humidity at an optimal level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a portable evaporative cooler indoors?
Yes, you can, but only if the interior space is dry and hot since the unit will add moisture into the air and lower temperatures. Seeing how it releases moisture, it’s preferable to keep a window open or to have another source of fresh air at your disposal since there’s the risk of increasing indoor humidity too much. Creating damp conditions indoors would lead to much larger issues, like the appearance of mold and mildew.

At what humidity do evaporative coolers become ineffective?
When the temperatures rise, humidity must decline for the indoor space to effectively cool down. When humidity levels are high, generally above the 55% threshold, the swamp cooler will be rendered useless at its job. This is why it’s generally recommended to opt for this sort of cooling unit only if the conditions in your area are arid.

At what temperature does evaporative cooling stop working?
Swamp coolers are notoriously pretentious when it comes to climate. They only make a difference and work effectively for lowering the temperature when the weather is really hot yet humidity levels aren’t extremely high. When it comes to the temperature threshold at which the cooler becomes ineffective, it’s at an estimated 70 degrees Fahrenheit or 21 degrees Celsius. At this point, the unit won’t adjust the temperature enough to keep it in your preferred comfort zone anymore.

What happens when the air cooler runs out of water?
There are two answers to this question, depending on what type of unit you are dealing with. With some models, running them without water in the tank will cause the pump to overheat and burn out. However, in most cases, the cooler will run the fan without water, only circulating the air and producing a soothing breeze without actually cooling the room you use it in.

Does putting ice in a swamp cooler help?
It does make a difference for the better, but don’t expect any miracles to happen. First, the contact between the ambient air and the ice will cause the unit to give off cool air. Then, it will cool the water when it enters into contact with it and starts to melt. Lastly, the water will evaporate as it normally does, cooling the air that carries it. You will feel the air a bit colder than when you normally run the swamp cooler, but the difference isn’t as noticeable as you might first think.

How long do they last?
The answer depends on the specific model in discussion and whether or not proper maintenance has been performed on it over time. However, to give you a generalized estimate, swamp coolers are generally supposed to last from 5 to 15 years. Therefore, this isn’t an acquisition that will cease to serve its expected purpose anytime soon.

Is there any maintenance work required?
You will be required to perform regular cleaning of the water reservoir and pan, so expect some maintenance work your way. If you don’t cater to these tasks on time, the water inside creates a favorable growing ground for germs and microorganisms, thus the cooling process is in peril of becoming a threat to your health as you inhale dangerous impurities.


Portable solutions to intolerable heat are always appealing as they provide a convenient means to get through torrid summers. Through the nature of their operation, evaporative coolers have the upper hand on AC systems, allowing relocation so that you benefit from their cooling performance in any area of the residence or house you desire.

Best Portable Evaporative Cooler for Sale: Hessaire MC37A

Rated at 2,200 cubic feet per minute airflow capacity, which makes it suited for spaces up to 750 square feet, it comes as no surprise that the Hessaire is our top pick. This hefty coverage and air circulation capability make it suited for residential use and even for use in warehouses, garages, and more. For maximum cooling efficiency, it relies on the Xel50 cooling pad. It even features a high-velocity axial fan blade that maximizes its air circulation efficiency.

It’s even user-friendly, which is an undeniable plus. Best of all, it’s thought up with the user’s best interest in mind, which is why it features the 8-hour auto shut-off timer. Its purpose is to not only give you full control over the unit’s operation but to reduce operating costs as well. Therefore, you get the best that money can buy and you won’t find yourself spending too much cash on running it, so you can leave it on as much as you need without financial repercussions.

Editor’s Choice: Honeywell CO60PM

As it is designed to tailor to spaces of up to 850 square feet, this Honeywell entry is quite popular for use in large office spaces. When it comes to residential use, the operational prowess guarantees that summers will never feel unbearable again. It even features a top-loading ice compartment for extra cooling power when you are in maximum need. If you seek convenient operation, it grants that too as it allows continuous use without refilling required on your part through the supply connection it features.

Best Portable Evaporative Cooler for the Money: NewAir Portable Evaporative Cooler AF-1000

Although it is one of the top-rated products available, the NewAir AF-1000 comes at a cheap price that makes it accessible for a wide range of customers. It is a value deal by definition, and an option we encourage you to take seriously into consideration if the space you intend to use it for doesn’t exceed 300 square feet in size. Aside from the fact that it doesn’t cost much, there are other praise-worthy aspects. For example, it features a 5.3-gallon water tank that won’t need refilling absurdly often. It is even user-friendly, with the digital display and push-button controls ensuring that even first-time owners won’t have issues figuring out how to operate it.

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