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11 Best Rated Dehumidifiers for RV in 2022 - Keep Your Motorhome Mold-Free

Man Holding Compact RV Dehumidifier in His Motor Home

Man Holding Compact RV Dehumidifier in His Motor Home


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R emember the brand-new smell and impeccable looks your RV had when you bought it? Moisture hadn’t had the chance yet to enter your wood furniture or sneak inside the couch or the bed. Plus, everything seemed to be more comfortable even when you took a long shower or experimented with some complicated dishes that required boiling.

We should remember that the RV is an enclosed space, just like a house, therefore it is prone to develop the same problems with increased humidity and mold, especially during the cold season, when windows cannot be opened for proper ventilation. Luckily, this situation can be easily solved by investing in the best dehumidifier for RV on the market.

We have picked 11 of the most popular products and analyzed their benefits and drawbacks. Each of them has a specific quality, and we made sure to highlight it. Furthermore, we ranked them by their capacities and design, so keep reading to find the one that best fits your needs, budget, and expectations.

How to Control RV Humidity Levels

Warm air holds more moisture, so condensation won’t form as easily on surfaces as it does during the colder seasons when temperatures start dropping. For RVs, condensation and excess humidity are major issues since this is a relatively small enclosed space. Moreover, for each person living in it (taking into account perspiration and exhalation), the amount of moisture in the RV increases exponentially – an estimated 1/10th of a gallon every 12 hours.

This issue might seem inevitable at first, especially if you share the motor home with others, but there are some tricks that you can turn to and control the moisture issues, namely:

  • Use all the ventilation resources you have at your disposal: Airflow is essential for moisture control. Use your roof vent and screened windows to create it, preferably together to get the best results. By using both, the hot air will exit automatically through the roof vent, and the pressure caused by the air circulation will draw in fresh air through the windows.
  • When the AC is on, check to see where the condensation goes: When the weather gets hot, you will inevitably turn the AC on to stabilize temperatures and sit comfortably inside the RV. However, there’s one small issue with running the AC – how the condensation drains. Once in a while, get up on the roof to make sure that the condensation isn’t making its water into the walls or roof. Leaving this aspect unchecked could lead to a hefty amount of water forming in unwanted spots.
  • Check for exterior leaks: Check all the seals, sealants, and any penetration points in the RV to make sure that water won’t make its way through them. If you’re not living full-time in the motor home but rather use it only during specific seasons, you should also inspect it thoroughly for external leak sources at the beginning and the end of the season.
  • The exhaust fan is your BFF in the kitchen: The cooking area is bound to be damp because of the food preparation tasks that you follow through with. Because of this, it is imperative that you make sure the damp air is exhausted to the exterior. Obviously, the best for the task is the exhaust fan, and we recommend that you keep it on while cooking.
  • Same goes for the bathroom: The highest amount of excess humidity and condensation forms when you shower, so you must get rid of the damp air as quickly as possible. The fix is the same as explained in the previous step.
  • Nothing beats a dehumidifier though: Hands down the best solution when fighting excess moisture, the dehumidifier is a must-have for the RV. This specialized unit removes moisture from the air, stabilizing humidity so that you won’t have issues with condensation, mold formation, and more. It’s a necessity for RV users, so don’t neglect its importance no matter if you use the motor home a few weeks per year or if you have decided to live in it 24/7.

If you have moisture-related issues at home, a potential source could be the crawlway. See here the best dehumidifiers for crawlspace to learn what your go-to selections are if you have to reduce humidity in this more pretentious space of your residence.

Top 11 RV Dehumidifiers Compared

Room Coverage
Dehumidification Rate
Water Tank Capacity
Speed Settings
Noise Level
Rated Power

Best Overall
50 pints/day
16.9 pints
47 dB
545 watts

Editor’s Choice
1,500 sq. ft.
30 pints/day
8 pints
Up to 54.5 dB
602 watts
1,500 sq. ft.
30 pints/day
8 pints
44 – 48 dB
296 watts

Best for Large RVs
1,500 sq. ft.
30 pints/day
8 pints
270-600 watts

Best for Full-Time RV Living
1,500 sq. ft.
22 pints/day
6.4 pints
53 dB
350 watts
480 sq. ft.
34 ounces/day
68 ounces
40 dB
48 watts
300 sq. ft.
27 ounces/day
64 ounces
40 dB
75 watts

Best for the Money
220 sq. ft.
18 ounces/day
52 ounces
40 dB
40 watts
2,200 cu. ft.
20 ounces/day
68 ounces
72 watts
110 sq. ft.
10 ounces/day
27 ounces
1,100 cu. ft.
8 ounces/day
16 ounces
50.9 dB
22 watts

In a home, the basement is usually the root of all problems related to high humidity levels. Check out a few basement dehumidifiers and have your pick from specialized units with sufficient moisture extraction capabilities to keep the cellar dry and safe.

1. Frigidaire FFAD5033

Summary: Aside from the substantial dehumidification rate of 50 PPD that recommends it even for use in basements, not only RVs, this Frigidaire model is worthy of the top spot seeing how it is an Energy Star rated product. Therefore, it won’t consume much power in the process. Needless to say, our top pick comes with all the latest features too, which makes it worth every cent.

11 Best Rated Dehumidifiers for RV in 2022 – Keep Your Motorhome Mold-Free


  • Can run even in temperatures down to 41 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Energy Star certified for its low power draw – low bills for A-grade results
  • You can customize the humidity level that it should maintain in the room
  • Washable filter keeps the unit up and running while clearing the air indoors of impurities
  • Opt for continuous draining of the collected water for hassle-free operation

Hands down, your best pick is this Frigidaire product. Not only is it manufactured by what is widely considered as being the best company in the business, but it is flawless in terms of operation. Considering that it is a fitting option for the RV, just as well as it is for commercial use or very damp basements, it’s an option that you can reap from in more ways than one. The three elements that recommend it for these more versatile situations are the vast coverage, the 50 PPD moisture extraction capability, and the fact that it can operate in temperatures down to 41 degrees Fahrenheit.

Check out the best commercial dehumidifiers if you need a heavy-duty unit that can handle removing a more considerable amount of humidity per day and that tackles larger-sized areas without hassle.

Moisture Collection

  • It gives you the possibility of continuous draining, so if you want to get rid of emptying the bucket when it fills, you can.
  • If, however, you want to go old school, know that the collection tank holds a maximum of 16.9 pints of water. This is quite a hefty capacity as opposed to what most products in its niche provide.
  • The bucket is front-loading and easy to access. It even features a splash guard to keep you from making a mess when you empty it, as well as a carry handle that makes it easy to empty the tank.
  • When the bucket fills and you forget to empty it on time, the unit automatically shuts off to keep water from spilling all over the place.

Important Operation Details

You are provided full control over the humidity level the unit ought to maintain. Therefore, you can set it to keep the air moisture level that you feel most comfortable with, after which it will turn off until that level is passed again.

There are 3 fan speeds with this unit, each with its airflow capacity:

  • the high setting produces 229 CFM;
  • the medium one produces 194 CFM;
  • the low setting generates 167 CFM.

The motor it is fitted with runs at different speeds according to the setting you choose too:

  • on the highest speed, it runs at 1,160 RPM;
  • on the medium speed, it runs at 980 RPM;
  • on the low speed, it runs at 880 RPM.

The speed at which the fan runs and pulls in air to dehumidify it influences the noise level this unit makes as well:

  • on the highest setting, it produces 51 decibels;
  • on the medium setting, it makes 49 decibels;
  • on the lowest setting, it generates a mere 47 decibels.

Needless to say, the product excels when it comes to energy efficiency too. The fact that it is Energy Star certified should be more than enough to convince you that what we are saying is true. This certification is only granted for products that consume considerably less power when they run compared to similarly performing units.

Quality Promise

First off, we mention that Frigidaire covers the product against defects for 1 year from the moment of purchase. This guarantee covers parts and labor, so if there’s any manufacturing issue that appears, the company handles it free of charge. Just beware that you must handle the product as instructed in the manual. Otherwise, if you inflict damage caused by improper use, the warranty is voided and you lose free repair privileges.

Performance Test Results

We tested this Frigidaire dehumidifier in the camper of one of our colleagues. The hygrometer showed RH levels were at 68% before we turned on the unit. We observed how the Frigidaire FFAD5033 fared over 10 days to see how fast it would lower the humidity, how easy it is to use when it comes to emptying the water and general care, and how living with it in the RV would be like overall. In terms of performance, the most important aspect of them all, it wowed us. By the second day, RH levels were already at 50%. It’s not even necessary to put it on full blast to get to enjoy rapid dehumidification because the high 50 PPD rating assured that no matter how large and damp the camper is, the dehumidifier won’t have trouble normalizing stats. It’s quiet, another perk that you’ll appreciate too since it won’t distract you from your normal activities in the RV. Moreover, emptying the front-loading tank is as easy as it gets, and it features protection to ensure you won’t make a puddle when you empty it.

Landon Callahan – Product Tester

Frigidaire FFAD5033 Specifications Sheet

Area Coverage: N/A Dehumidification Rate: 50 pints/day
Water Tank Capacity: 16.9 pints Speed Settings: 3
Noise Level: 47 dB Power Rating: 545 watts
Filter Type: Washable and reusable Automatic Shut-Off:
Timer: 24-hour Bucket Full Indicator:
Operating Temperature Range: Down to 41°F Power Cord Length: 6 feet
Continuous Drain Option: Dimensions: 24-1/4” x 15-31/32” x 12-3/16”
Weight: 42.3 pounds Warranty: 1 year

2. hOmeLabs HME020030N 1,500 Sq. Ft.

Check Price at Amazon

Summary: With its high moisture removal capacity and strong fan, it will cover all the space and won’t allow humidity to build up and release the mold and mildew plague. Furthermore, as it features an auto mode, an auto restart function, auto defrost, and continuous drain, your work will be reduced considerably, and you will be able to enjoy your vacation without thinking about small buckets that need to be emptied daily.

11 Best Rated Dehumidifiers for RV in 2022 – Keep Your Motorhome Mold-Free


  • Excellent dehumidification rate
  • Easy maintenance
  • Advanced customization options
  • Generous warranty
  • Auto-restart function


  • Turbo speed generates high energy consumption and noise
  • Large footprint

Reliability is the keyword for this dehumidifier, and most customers go for it when they need to cover large areas. It has a solid construction and high-quality internal coils, designed to ensure and maintain performance over the years. Nevertheless, the design hasn’t been neglected, and we were impressed by its clean housing that rests on sturdy wheels and sleek digital panel that allows for easy access to controls and smart functions. A handle has been included as well for easy manipulation, therefore, although it is a bit bulky, with a footprint of 15.2 x 10 inches and a height of 19.7 inches, it isn’t difficult to reposition or move around the RV.

In case of a power outage, it can save the last settings and restart automatically once the situation is solved. Moreover, it will automatically defrost if the temperature drops as low as 41 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent the coils from freezing. If you don’t notice that the bucket is full, it will activate the auto shut-off function, so you will never have to deal with accidental spills. Additionally, it offers a timer that can be set for up to 24 hours. What we noticed thou is that it isn’t the quietest on the market, especially if you run it at the highest speed, where it can reach a noise level of 54.5 decibels. Nonetheless, on continuous or comfort mode the noise drops considerably and, according to their reviews, becomes unnoticeable to most users.

In terms of performance, we should mention the strong built-in pump compressor, which can remove up to 30 pints of water per day in a space measuring up to 1,500 square feet. If you need something a bit more powerful dehumidification-wise, however, your sole best option for the camper is the top-rated Frigidaire FFAD5033 that is rated to remove 50 PPD. Nevertheless, the smart functions are the ones that make it stand out, so we should take a moment and analyze them. The first time you will plug in the unit, it will start on the continuous mode which works best if you match it with the continuous drain option. Thus, the water will be evacuated outside, and you won’t ever need to empty the bucket. If this option isn’t available for you, you can easily turn off this mode by touching the continuous key and using the left-right arrows to set the desired humidity level. By selecting the comfort mode, you will allow the unit to monitor the humidity in the RV and automatically adjust the fan speed. Manual speed adjustment is available as well, and you can set it to run either at normal or turbo speed.

The maintenance is easy to perform, as the 8-pint bucket is removable and features a large opening. The filter is washable and can be easily detached from its place. Regarding the power consumption rate, it is rather high, but only on turbo speed, where it can reach 602 watts. In the continuous run mode, it is comparable with the energy drawn by the previous model. Nevertheless, the warranty is better, with 2 years being offered for repairs and 6 extra months if you register on their website.

The high dehumidification of this model makes it suited for damper indoor spaces like the bathroom, too. However, if this is the area you’re interested in covering, you ought to look into a specialized dehumidifier for bathroom that has the right area coverage and moisture extraction capabilities for the job.

hOmeLabs HME020030N 1,500 Sq. Ft. Specifications Sheet

Area Coverage: 1,500 sq. ft. Dehumidification Rate: 30 pints/day
Water Tank Capacity: 8 pints Speed Settings: 2
Noise Level: up to 54.5 dB Power Rating: 602 watts
Filter Type: Washable filter Automatic Shut-Off:
Timer: 24-hour Bucket Full Indicator:
Operating Temperature Range: Down to 41℉ Power Cord Length: 6 feet
Continuous Drain Option: Dimensions: 15.2” x 10” x 19.7”
Weight: 30.5 pounds Warranty: 2-year + 6-month if registered

3. TOSOT 1,500 Sq. Ft. 30 Pint

Check Price at Amazon

Summary: Overall, it offers great value and it was surely made to last. It comes with an intuitive digital panel and offers multiple smart functions designed to increase its independence and reduce your efforts. It is energy-efficient and allows you to customize both fan speed and run time so you can save money when the humidity remains within normal limits. Moreover, it comes with a continuous drain option that allows you to remove water directly into a drain, so it is extremely convenient.

11 Best Rated Dehumidifiers for RV in 2022 – Keep Your Motorhome Mold-Free


  • Works in low-temperature conditions that can drop as down as 41 degrees F
  • Auto-defrost function
  • Auto-restart function
  • Continuous drain option
  • Offers humidity readout
  • Features a timer


  • The 1-year warranty is rather short for the price
  • Some customers complained that it doesn’t come with instructions

Storing the RV for the winter means more than sheltering it in a garage or parking it in a spot that can provide as much protection as possible against winds, snow, and freezing. You must consider the effects cold weather can have on the interior, where humidity starts to build up, especially as windows cannot be opened in this season. Thus, to maintain everything under control, we recommend this unit from TOSOT, which proved to be the best for this task from multiple points of view. First of all, it is capable to provide excellent dehumidification for an entire motorhome, as it was designed to cover spaces as large as 1,500 square feet. Secondly, the dehumidification rate is amazing at 30 pints per day, so it can easily face even the most humid environments. Last but not least, and this is essential, it can run at low temperatures down to 41 degrees Fahrenheit and comes with an auto-defrost function that prevents the internal coils from freezing.

It includes an 8 pints bucket, which is rather small for its capacity, but the good news is that it offers a continuous drain option, so you can just connect a garden hose to the special nozzle and direct the water to a garage floor drain or an outdoors drain. It is highly independent, with an auto-restart function that saves your last settings in case of a power outage and sets it going as soon as the power is back on. Furthermore, it includes a timer that can be set for 2 or 4 hours, perfect if you don’t want it running continuously. Nevertheless, we noticed that it lacks an auto mode, which is present in higher-capacity TOSOT dehumidifiers, so you will have to set the speed manually. The digital panel will help you select either low, medium, or high speed that will generate different sound levels and power consumption rates.

With a height of 20.7 inches and a footprint of 15 x 11.7 inches, we can place it among medium-size models that occupy some of the RV’s floor space. Nevertheless, we must consider that it was designed for motorhomes, where it is easier to spare it. Regarding maintenance, the only things that need to be performed regularly are the cleaning of the water tank and the washing/replacing of the mesh filter, two simple operations that will keep it in good shape and increase its lifespan. Moreover, for eventual mishaps or manufacturing flaws, the manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty and friendly customer support.

The peak sound it can reach is 48 decibels, which is under the noise level of a normal conversation. Moreover, if you decide to set it running at the lowest speed, you won’t even know it’s there during the summer holidays when we assume you will take it with you. In terms of costs, we should mention that it has been Energy Star certified and draws a maximum of 296 watts. It may seem high compared with the previous models, but the truth is that, for its size and capacity, it is one of the most energy-efficient units.

Check out these dehumidifiers for bedroom if you want to keep humidity levels tame in the room where you enjoy your nocturnal slumber.

TOSOT 1,500 Sq. Ft. 30 Pint Specifications Sheet

Area Coverage: 1,500 sq. ft. Dehumidification Rate: 30 pints/day
Water Tank Capacity: 8 pints Speed Settings: 3
Noise Level: 44 - 48 dB Power Rating: 296 watts
Filter Type: Washable filter Automatic Shut-Off:
Timer: 2 - 4 hours Bucket Full Indicator:
Operating Temperature Range: 41℉ - 90℉ Power Cord Length: 6 feet
Continuous Drain Option: Dimensions: 15” x 11.7” x 20.7”
Weight: 34 pounds Warranty: 1 year

4. Vremi 30 Pint 1,500 Sq. Ft.

Check Price at Amazon

Summary: This is the best option for motorhomes, as it can provide excellent coverage for the entire space. We liked that it is quiet and can continue its activity even when the temperatures drop down to 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, we have appreciated its sleek design which, although it is a bit bulky, won’t ruin the décor.

11 Best Rated Dehumidifiers for RV in 2022 – Keep Your Motorhome Mold-Free


  • Large area coverage
  • Multiple smart functions
  • User-friendly digital panel
  • Continuous drain option
  • Resistant to low temperatures


  • Rather bulky
  • Can get expensive if ran on turbo speed for long periods

It is a very popular choice and many customers confessed that it does an excellent job removing moisture from their RVs. The large 1,500 square feet area coverage makes it suitable for both trailers and motorhomes where it can work continuously to remove up to 30 pints of moisture per day. It comes with a large 8-pint removable bucket, which is great if you can’t evacuate the water outside. Nevertheless, you should know that the alternative is possible as it offers a continuous drain option. You just need to provide the garden hose, which isn’t included.

Want to explore a few alternatives that are just as good? Then check out the hOmeLabs HME020030N 1,500 Sq. Ft. and the TOSOT 1,500 Sq. Ft. 30 Pint since both dehumidifiers cover spaces of up to 1,500 sq. ft. and feature 8-pint capacity water collection tanks.

The digital panel is positioned on the top side and offers easy access to the functions. Here you can set fan speed, by choosing either normal airflow or turbo, or activate the timer, which will power off the unit after a period and reduce energy consumption. You can monitor the smart functions as well, as an indicator led will let you know if the auto-defrost function has kicked in or the auto shut-off function has paused the operations when the bucket is full. Another attractive function is the auto-restart, which activates during power outages, saving the last settings. As soon as the power is back on, it will automatically restart the dehumidifier, and it will continue its activity.

The power consumption rate can reach 600 watts on the turbo speed, but we doubt that you will need to run it at this level for long periods. At normal speed, it draws 270 watts, which is a decent value for such a high-capacity device. In fact, it has been Energy Star certified, so it is considered energy-efficient. Moreover, you can rest assured that in case a mishap occurs, you won’t need to invest in repairs, at least not for 1 year, during which the manufacturer offers to solve them for free.

Although it is a bit bulky, with a height of 19.9 inches and a footprint of 16.1 x 10.4, the housing is sturdy and resistant to long-term use. The water bucket features a transparent window that allows you to monitor the water level. Furthermore, it is easy to remove for emptying and provides excellent access for cleaning as it features a large opening. The long 6 feet power cord allows you to find a good spot for it, so you won’t need to invest extra money in an extension cord. Moreover, as the filter is washable, if you clean it regularly, it can last for years, saving you other expenses.

Vremi 30 Pint 1,500 Sq. Ft. Specifications Sheet

Area Coverage: 1,500 sq. ft. Dehumidification Rate: 30 pints/day
Water Tank Capacity: 8 pints Speed Settings: 2
Noise Level: Low Power Rating: 270-600 watts
Filter Type: Permanent metal dust filter Automatic Shut-Off:
Timer: Bucket Full Indicator:
Operating Temperature Range: Down to 41℉ Power Cord Length: 6 feet
Continuous Drain Option: Dimensions: 16.1” x 10.4” x 19.9”
Weight: 33.1 pounds Warranty: 1 year

5. Keystone KSTAD224D

Summary: Keystone needs no presentation since it is one of the top dehumidifier manufacturers at the moment. And with this 22-pint model, the company has managed to impress even the most pretentious buyers since it’s a product that delivers on its promise to normalize humidity levels, all without making much noise in the process or drawing an absurd amount of electricity.

11 Best Rated Dehumidifiers for RV in 2022 – Keep Your Motorhome Mold-Free


  • Features 3 different operating modes – Normal, Turbo, and Continuous
  • Use the 24-hour timer to conserve energy costs – set when the unit should turn off in advance
  • Features clean filter and full bucket indicators
  • Auto-restart with the pre-selected settings


  • The water bucket is a bit difficult to put back once you remove it from the unit
  • The on/off cycling can be bothersome during nighttime if you sleep in the dehumidifier’s proximity

Another wide-coverage option that we recommend due to its efficient moisture extraction, this 22-pint model from Keystone is a standout because of its simplistic operation and high effectiveness. According to the old 2012 DOE standard, it wicks 30 pints of moisture per day, and after the new standard, 22 pints. Since it is rated to cover spaces of up to 1,500 square feet, you can count on it for heavy-duty jobs too, not necessarily for the RV – rely on it for dehumidifying your house’s basement as well.

It can hold up to 6.4 pints of water in the collection tank. You won’t have to check on the tank to see when it’s full since there’s an indicator that lights up when the task is due. However, if you use it in a very damp area, you might want to consider continuous drainage (luckily, this product allows it). Like all top-of-the-line dehumidifiers, it is fitted with a filter that traps impurities from the air it draws. It does so to protect the internal parts from damage, raising indoor air quality in the process as well. The bonus – the filter is washable and reusable, exempting you from making notable investments in upkeep.

Another trait that helps save you money is the 24-hour timer that limits power draw. The unit will only run for as long as you actually need it to. There are 3 operational settings provided, namely Normal, Turbo, and Continuous. Since it integrates automatic defrost, it is safe for use even in spaces where temperatures drop to 41 degrees Fahrenheit.

If a power outage occurs, rest assured knowing that it automatically restarts with the pre-selected settings. Therefore, you won’t have to reset the unit every time this happens but rather mind your business as usual knowing the dehumidifier can handle its own. As expected considering the caliber of the product, it automatically turns off when the internal bucket fills to impede overflow.

The peak noise level it produces is 53 decibels, so if you set it on the lower of its two fan speeds, you will barely hear it. Another aspect that impresses is the quality assurance provided for this product. The manufacturer covers it with a 1-year warranty on parts and labor, and a 4-year guarantee for the sealed system. Whatever issues occur within this period are covered free of charge.

Keystone KSTAD224D Specifications Sheet

Area Coverage: 1,500 sq. ft. Dehumidification Rate: 22 pints/day
Water Tank Capacity: 6.4 pints Speed Settings: 2
Noise Level: 53 dB Power Rating: 350 watts
Filter Type: Washable and reusable Automatic Shut-Off:
Timer: 24-hour Bucket Full Indicator:
Operating Temperature Range: Down to 41°F Power Cord Length: N/A
Continuous Drain Option: Dimensions: 20.1” x 9.9” x 14.2”
Weight: 28.6 pounds Warranty: 1 year full, 4 years for sealed system

6. Letsport 68-Ounce

Summary: Quite an impressive product considering its small size, the Letsport draws a sufficient amount of moisture from the air per day to make sure humidity levels are kept stable (34 ounces, to be specific). It doesn’t draw much power in the process either, so running it without interruption won’t cause a spike when the bills are due.

11 Best Rated Dehumidifiers for RV in 2022 – Keep Your Motorhome Mold-Free


  • Compact and lightweight – move it around without any trouble
  • Quiet enough to sleep with it in the same room
  • Energy-saving product – it won’t cost you a fortune to run it non-stop
  • The one-button control makes it intuitive to use


  • It doesn’t allow continuous draining of the water it collects
  • Customer support failed to respond to some of the customer’s requests

A thermo-electric Peltier technology-based product that gives you a run for your money since it can withdraw 34 ounces of moisture per day tops, all without charging much when you acquire it, the Letsport is an option worth looking into if the total surface of the RV doesn’t exceed 480 square feet.

We start the review by analyzing the product’s design since it makes it a standout for RV use. The unit measures only 10 inches by 7 inches by 15 inches, so it doesn’t take up much space at all. Since it doesn’t weigh much either – only 4.3 pounds – you can move it from one side of the RV to the other on your own without much effort.

What stands behind the unit’s success in terms of dehumidification is the advanced semiconductor refrigeration technology it relies on that gives it the following perks:

  • Quiet operation;
  • Lightweight design;
  • Safe for the environment;
  • Safe operation;
  • Reliable in the long run.

Aside from the decent humidity extraction for a dehumidifier its size, there’s another aspect that makes it a standout – the 68-ounce capacity of the collection tank. Even when you run it without interruption and there’s high humidity in the RV, two days will pass at the least before you must empty the tank. If you are wary of running it too much because of electricity consumption, fear not since this 48-watt model is as energy-saving as it gets.

The low operating noise is another perk since you can sleep with it on and it won’t distract you from your slumber. A perk for those who are not familiar with these units is the one-button operation that makes it user-friendly. It might be simplistic in the sense that it doesn’t give you a lot of settings to work with, but what matters is that it gets the job done despite not being the most modern option out there.

To get the most out of its operation and make sure that the environmental conditions are not affecting it in any manner, only run it when the temperature ranges from 59 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep in mind that it doesn’t work at all in temperatures below 41 degrees Fahrenheit – trying to run it in this scenario can lead to damage. When humidity drops below 35%, it stops running since it senses that humidity levels are in the clear.

Letsport 68-Ounce Specifications Sheet

Area Coverage: 480 sq. ft. Dehumidification Rate: 34 ounces/day
Water Tank Capacity: 68 ounces Speed Settings: 1
Noise Level: 40 dB Power Rating: 48 watts
Filter Type: Automatic Shut-Off:
Timer: Bucket Full Indicator:
Operating Temperature Range: Power Cord Length:
Continuous Drain Option: Dimensions: 10” x 7” x 15”
Weight: 4.3 pounds Warranty: 1 year

7. InvisiPure Hydrowave

Summary: Fairly compact so that it won’t take up much space in your motor home, and quite easy to relocate since it only weighs 5.7 pounds, this unit is worth considering if your dampness-related issues aren’t out of the ordinary. Rated to remove 27 ounces of moisture per day, once you turn it on you won’t have to deal with that pesky condensation anymore.

11 Best Rated Dehumidifiers for RV in 2022 – Keep Your Motorhome Mold-Free


  • Indicator light turns red when the water tank fills
  • Automatic protection against overheating
  • Lightweight design makes relocation a cinch
  • Easy upkeep – just wash the filter every 3 to 6 months


  • Since there’s no control panel, you can’t choose custom settings for its operation
  • Gives off quite a substantial amount of heat when it runs

The words that best define this InvisiPure model are compact and reliable. With Peltier technology at its core, this small yet impressive product can wick a maximum of 27 ounces of excess moisture from the air per day. This recommends it for spaces up to 300 square feet in size, which is sufficient for most RVs, and even recommends it for other spaces like the bedroom, bathroom, and more.

Considering that you eat, sleep, relax, and do everything in the RV within a relatively small enclosed area, the amount of noise the unit makes when it runs is quintessential. Luckily, it makes only 40 decibels when it runs, so you can even sleep next to it without worrying that it will pose a distraction. The only dehumidifier we tested and reviewed that is quieter than this is the Eva Dry E-333 which makes no sound at all when it runs. However, it is significantly inferior when it comes to area coverage compared to the InvisiPure Hydrowave, so it might not be a viable option performance-wise. In the tank, it can hold 64 ounces of water tops. So, even at saturation conditions, you won’t have to empty the collection bucket that often but rather every few days.

This is a fairly cheap option as opposed to some of our other recommendations, so we recommend it for those who are on a budget. Aside from the asking price, other elements make it a value deal, namely:

  • It is rated at 75 watts – running it without interruption will barely add to the electricity bills.
  • The filter is washable and reusable, which saves you money when it comes to upkeep.

Just like its more expensive counterparts, it turns off when the water tank fills to impede overflowing. If you want to get rid of this annoying chore, you can attach a 3/8-inch garden hose for continuous drainage. It even integrates automatic overheating protection, so you can leave it on when you go on a hike and not have to worry that you might return to find a broken dehumidifier. Add to all these highlights the 1-year warranty granted by the manufacturer, and there’s no denying that the InvisiPure is a great deal.

InvisiPure Hydrowave Specifications Sheet

Area Coverage: 300 sq. ft. Dehumidification Rate: 27 ounces/day
Water Tank Capacity: 64 ounces Speed Settings: 1
Noise Level: 40 dB Power Rating: 75 watts
Filter Type: Washable and reusable Automatic Shut-Off:
Timer: Bucket Full Indicator:
Operating Temperature Range: N/A Power Cord Length: 5 feet
Continuous Drain Option: Dimensions: 5.5” x 9” x 14”
Weight: 5.7 pounds Warranty: 1 year

8. Pro Breeze FBA_PB-03-US

Check Price at Amazon

Summary: It is a great investment if you own a small RV or looking to cover one room at a time. It can work quietly for days before you need to empty the generous water reservoir. Moreover, it is energy-efficient and doesn’t imply supplementary filter replacement costs, so it is cheap to run. Not to mention that maintenance is a breeze, as the water tank has a large opening and comes with a plug for easy emptying.

11 Best Rated Dehumidifiers for RV in 2022 – Keep Your Motorhome Mold-Free


  • Small dimensions make it easy to transport and store
  • Super-quiet compressor
  • Auto shut-off
  • Excellent quality-price report
  • Low energy consumption rate


  • Cannot be used at temperatures lower than 59 degrees Fahrenheit
  • You can’t set it up for continuous draining

It is a practical model that comes at a great price and with excellent customer reviews. Built on the thermo-electro Peltier technology, it is super quiet, with a peak noise of only 40 decibels, so if you are looking for a unit that can work during nights and draw the moisture out of your RV’s bedroom, we recommend it.

It is built of resistant plastic and comes with a generous tank that can hold up to 52 ounces of water. It may not seem a lot, but you should consider that it was designed for small spaces with a surface smaller or equal to 220 square feet, where it can remove up to 18 ounces per day. Therefore, in this case, the tank doesn’t need to be emptied once or several times a day, a feature that makes it very convenient.

It uses a compressor to absorb moisture, so the power consumption rate remains around 40 watts as there’s no fan involved that could draw more energy. Nevertheless, this could be an inconvenience if you are looking for customization, as it offers only one speed setting. The controls are straightforward, and by this, we mean that it includes an on/off switch and an indicator light that lets you know when the water reservoir is full. On the other hand, the tank is easy to remove and comes with a plug on the bottom for easy water removal into a sink or a drain. The large opening makes it easy to perform periodical cleaning, which is recommended to prevent mold and bacteria growth.

It can operate at temperatures of 59 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit, so it isn’t suitable for use in cold climates or in environments where the temperature drops under 41 degrees Fahrenheit. But it is a great choice for spring, summer, and fall RV trips, as it is super compact, measuring only 12.7 inches in height, 9 inches in width, and 6.6 inches in length. The small dimensions and reduced weight make it easy to carry around and position in narrow spaces, especially as it features a 6-foot power cord that allows you to find a safe spot for it.

Although it lacks a timer, it does come with an auto shut-off function that prevents it from spilling water when the reservoir is full. Moreover, in case a mishap occurs or you discover a manufacturing flaw that prevents it from running as it should, you have got 1 year from the date of purchase to get it fixed or replaced for free.

Pro Breeze FBA_PB-03-US Specifications Sheet

Area Coverage: 220 sq. ft. Dehumidification Rate: 18 ounces/day
Water Tank Capacity: 52 ounces Speed Settings: 1
Noise Level: 40 dB Power Rating: 40 watts
Filter Type: Automatic Shut-Off:
Timer: Bucket Full Indicator:
Operating Temperature Range: 59℉ - 86℉ Power Cord Length: 6 feet
Continuous Drain Option: Dimensions: 6.6” x 9” x 12.7”
Weight: 5.09 pounds Warranty: 1 year

9. Ivation IVADM35

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Summary: It is small but strongly built and up for years of run, so your investment will surely pay off. We liked that it works quietly and has a low power consumption rate which makes it the perfect choice for continuous running. Furthermore, it has a simple and clean design that will immediately blend in with the décor, while the small footprint won’t cut too much in the already reduced space.

11 Best Rated Dehumidifiers for RV in 2022 – Keep Your Motorhome Mold-Free


  • Low energy consumption makes it suitable for long-term use
  • Compact and easy to move around
  • Super-quiet as it doesn’t include a fan
  • Water tank is easy to clean due to the large opening
  • Great 1-year warranty


  • Not suitable for cold environments
  • No speed control - only a default dehumidifying pace

If the RV is your house, you are probably looking to make it as comfortable as possible without increasing your energy bills too much. In this case, this dehumidifier from Ivation offers the best balance between performance and costs. It was designed to cover small spaces with a volume of up to 2,200 cubic feet, therefore it is more suitable for trailers than motorhomes. Nevertheless, if you place it in the bathroom or cooking area, where the humidity is the highest, you can increase its efficiency and solve the problem. It comes with a medium-sized 68-ounce water reservoir and can draw up to 20 ounces of moisture per day at a low 72 watts power consumption rate, so, although it hasn’t been Energy Star certified, it is energy-efficient.

Strongly built and running on Peltier technology, it is both quiet and resistant to external factors like increased humidity or temperature variations. It is easy to maintain as well, as the water tank is removable and offers a large opening for cleaning and emptying. An indicator light lets you know when the tank is full and, if you miss the signal, the auto shut-off function is ready to kick in and shut everything down so the water doesn’t spill and cause electrical damage. Regarding design, we should mention that it is very compact and lightweight, with a height of only 14.1 inches and a small footprint measuring 9.6 x 7.2 inches. The weight is only 4.85 pounds.

The convenience is increased by the long 6-foot power cord that allows for easy positioning of the device. It is easy to control, as it only features an On/Off switch for quick powering on and off. On the other hand, it doesn’t incorporate a fan, so you have no control over its speed. Nevertheless, the lack of a fan is what makes it extremely quiet, so we think this is a worthy-to-make compromise.

Ivation IVADM35 Specifications Sheet

Area Coverage: 2,200 cu. ft. Dehumidification Rate: 20 ounces/day
Water Tank Capacity: 68 ounces Speed Settings: 1
Noise Level: Low Power Rating: 72 watts
Filter Type: Automatic Shut-Off:
Timer: Bucket Full Indicator:
Operating Temperature Range: N/A Power Cord Length: 6 feet
Continuous Drain Option: Dimensions: 9.6” x 14.1” x 7.2”
Weight: 4.85 pounds Warranty: 1 year

10. Pure Enrichment PureDry Mini

Summary: A compact solution to keep the air inside your RV at proper moisture, the PureDry Mini grants quite a substantial moisture extraction for its size. It can wick up to 10 ounces of moisture per day from the air, and it’s recommended to use it for dehumidifying areas of up to 110 square feet for optimal performance.

11 Best Rated Dehumidifiers for RV in 2022 – Keep Your Motorhome Mold-Free


  • Comes at a cheaper price compared to its competitors
  • You can tell at a glance how full the water reservoir is since it features a transparent portion
  • Easily removable water tank makes it simple to empty and clean this reservoir
  • Compact design makes it perfect for use in other spaces, like the bathroom, drying room, or a damp closet


  • Since it lacks a timer, it’s not as energy efficient as some of the other products we listed here
  • Smaller area coverage when compared to some of our other picks

While it’s nothing spectacular when compared to some of our better-ranked dehumidifiers, the PureDry Mini is still an option worth taking into consideration, especially if you don’t have a big budget set aside for this purchase. We tested to see how it would fare in different-sized spaces and can say for sure that it provides optimal moisture removal of 10 ounces per day when you use it for an area that isn’t larger than 110 square feet. So either use it for different areas in the RV, or other spaces like closets, bathrooms, and clothes drying rooms.

Throughout its operation, we could barely hear it run. We didn’t test to see the exact amount of decibels it produces, but we can guarantee that it has a whisper-quiet operation. It features a transparent water tank that really comes in handy since you don’t have to take out the reservoir to check how much water the unit has collected but rather visually check. If you’re not paying attention and neglect to empty the tank on time, there’s no need to worry that the water might overflow because it will automatically turn off to prevent this.

There is a single operating speed, so you can’t adjust its operation as you like from this point of view. On the bright side, the one-button control makes it one of the easiest-to-use dehumidifiers available. Last but not least, we mention that backing against defects is granted for 5 years. Considering the size and price of this dehumidifier, it’s quite an impressive manufacturer guarantee since it considerably exceeds the industry standard.

Pure Enrichment PureDry Mini Specifications Sheet

Area Coverage: 110 sq. ft. Dehumidification Rate: 10 ounces/day
Water Tank Capacity: 27 ounces Speed Settings: 1
Noise Level: Whisper-quiet Power Rating: N/A
Filter Type: Automatic Shut-Off:
Timer: Bucket Full Indicator:
Operating Temperature Range: N/A Power Cord Length: 4 feet
Continuous Drain Option: Dimensions: 6.2” x 5.4” x 9.3”
Weight: 2.2 pounds Warranty: 5 years

11. Eva-dry Edv-1100

Check Price at Amazon

Summary: To summarize, it is perfect if you are traveling in an area with a cold climate, but one unit might not be enough for a large RV, so you should consider investing in two, as most dehumidifiers for larger spaces usually cannot work under 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, even two units running at the same time won’t draw more than 50 watts, so you will save energy and money in the long run.

11 Best Rated Dehumidifiers for RV in 2022 – Keep Your Motorhome Mold-Free


  • Straightforward design
  • Durable structure that can last under extreme temperature conditions
  • Energy-efficient
  • Auto shut-off function
  • Compact


  • Can make a difference but only in small spaces
  • Lacks important modern features, like a timer

It is a very popular choice among RV owners, not only for its compact and portable design that makes it suitable for narrow spaces but for its ability to continue working even when the temperature outside drops down to 23 degrees Fahrenheit or raises to a maximum value of 95 degrees Fahrenheit. It doesn’t require an auto-defrosting function to maintain its internal components intact, as the advanced Peltier technology is known for its ability to resist extreme temperature conditions. Thus, it is the best choice if you are traveling during the cold season or wish to maintain an optimal humidity level in your RV while in storage.

It is more suitable for small RVs or for removing moisture in a single room as its maximum coverage reaches only 1,100 cubic feet. However, its action in this space is surprisingly performant, as it can draw up to 8 ounces of water per day. The 16 ounces water tank is generous and doesn’t need to be emptied daily. It may take days until the indicator light lets you know that the tank is full, especially if the environment in your RV is not particularly humid. Moreover, in terms of energy consumption, it is one of the most efficient on the market, with a 22 watts rate that allows you to run it the whole day without significant energy costs. Nonetheless, you should remember to turn it off every 12 hours as the manufacturer recommends this to prevent overheating.

It lacks a timer, but the auto shut-off function is present, so accidental spills or fire hazards are out of the question. The controls are almost inexistent, with a single on/off switch included for safety purposes. However, there’s something that distinguishes this unit from the others, and this is the sturdy construction. It’s quiet, a perk that we appreciated during testing – the 50.9 dB makes it barely audible when it runs. If you want a truly quiet dehumidifier though, the Eva Dry E-333 that produces no sound at all is a better fit. The downside is that it’s suited for smaller spaces, but depending on what you need the moisture removal unit for, it might be the right option for you.

We have noticed that the Edv-1100 is built of superior-quality materials that are resistant to wear and can last through the years. Besides that, it is covered by a 1-year warranty that needs to be activated within 30 days from the date of purchase, and which, according to customers who have already tested this model, is quickly honored by the manufacturer.

Eva-dry Edv-1100 Specifications Sheet

Area Coverage: 1,100 cu. ft. Dehumidification Rate: 8 ounces/day
Water Tank Capacity: 16 ounces Speed Settings: 1
Noise Level: 50.9 dB Power Rating: 22 watts
Filter Type: Automatic Shut-Off:
Timer: Bucket Full Indicator:
Operating Temperature Range: 23℉ - 95℉ Power Cord Length: N/A
Continuous Drain Option: Dimensions: 6.5” x 8.5” x 5.3”
Weight: 1 pound Warranty: 1 year

Alternative RV Dehumidifiers Worth Checking Out

Although the products that feature in our top are indeed the best that this market offers, you might not find one with the exact stats you’re looking for. So, aside from our top recommendations, we want to present you here with a few viable alternatives. These products are on par with our top picks in terms of performance and quality but didn’t make it in our main ranking because we considered the other selections to be slightly better. Without further do, here are the pros and cons of the alternative models you should look into before you decide:

11 Best Rated Dehumidifiers for RV in 2022 – Keep Your Motorhome Mold-Free

#1. Midea Cube

One of the most spectacular entries we reviewed in terms of design. The Cube model is perfect for spaces of up to 1,500 square feet where it will effectively remove an estimated 20 pints of moisture per day (equivalent with 30 PPD following 2012 DOE standards). You are the one who decides the exact humidity level that it should help reach and maintain, with settings spanning from 35% to 85%. What makes it a truly worthwhile acquisition is the Midea Cube Air app that you can install on your phone to monitor RH in the RV in real time regardless of where you are. Over the app, you are also notified when the water tank is full so that you empty it ASAP and allow the unit to continue its dehumidification process.

Why we chose to leave it out: It has the same area coverage and moisture extraction as the hOmeLabs HME020030N, TOSOT, and Vremi models that feature in our top. Since it is so similar to the aforementioned products but these models are slightly more popular with customers, we decided to only mention the Cube as an alternative for those who seek a more futuristic-looking dehumidifier.

11 Best Rated Dehumidifiers for RV in 2022 – Keep Your Motorhome Mold-Free

#2. Pure Enrichment PureDry Deluxe

Since RVs aren’t the most demanding in terms of area coverage and moisture removal, the PureDry Deluxe can prove to be an optimal solution to maintain proper RH levels in the mobile home. It removes 500 milliliters of excess moisture from the air over 24 hours, and it’s suited for small and medium-sized spaces. Although the asking price is more than fair, the unit still packs in a few features. These include automatic shut-off when the tank fills, advanced humidity control, 360-degree air intake, two speed levels to choose between, and an energy-saving 4- or 8-hour timer. Add to this hefty list of features the 5-year warranty that the product comes with, and it’s easy to see why we recommend you look into it before you decide.

Why we chose to leave it out: In terms of moisture extraction, it fares almost the same as our 8th pick, the Pro Breeze FBA_PB-03-US, but costs more. The area coverage is slightly smaller with the PureDry Deluxe too, another reason why we opted to only leave it as an alternative instead of including it in the rank. However, the smaller coverage combined with the considerable moisture removal makes PureDry a better option for small-sized spaces with high dampness problems.

11 Best Rated Dehumidifiers for RV in 2022 – Keep Your Motorhome Mold-Free

#3. Seavon SN-150

You can rely on the SN-150 to extract up to 450 milliliters of moisture per day. Best of all, since the water tank has a 1,000-milliliter capacity, even if you run it continuously at least two days pass before you have to empty the collected water. It boasts a cylindrical design and a small footprint. Since it produces only 30 dB when it runs, you can keep it on even when you sleep since it won’t bother you at all. While the ideal operating temperature ranges from 59 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, this Seavon product will still work even when temperatures drop to 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, the manufacturer backs it against defects for 1 year.

Why we chose to leave it out: We don’t necessarily have any personal complaints since the product fared better than expected during tests. However, we were discouraged by the fact that a few customers complained about the lastingness of their products. So, to play it safe, we only recommend the SN-150 as an alternative if you don’t find what you’re looking for among the products we reviewed and included in our top.

11 Best Rated Dehumidifiers for RV in 2022 – Keep Your Motorhome Mold-Free

#4. Eva-dry E-333

Check Price at Amazon
The go-to option for those who are on a budget. This Eva-dry product offers optimal performance when utilized in spaces of up to 333 cubic feet, hence the name. It relies on silica gel beads to remove moisture, and you have to recharge them once every 20 to 30 days depending on dampness conditions in your RV. Per day, expect this small product to remove somewhere around 6 ounces of moisture. What we like most is that it’s completely silent. But what’s even more surprising, especially considering the cheap price, is that the manufacturer backs it against defects for 5 years.

Why we chose to leave it out: Compared to its counterpart from the same brand, namely the Eva-dry Edv-1100 that ranks 11th, the E-333 is suited for considerably smaller spaces. This doesn’t make the alternative product any less qualitative, it just implies that it is a better pick for smaller dehumidification jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do dehumidifiers work for RVs?

For serious campers, the RV is their second home (in some cases even their actual home). Just like a house, the motorhome needs proper RH levels to be kept not only for the comfort of those who use it but for its well-being as well. Allowing humidity to go haywire spells disaster because mold damage will soon ensue. This means that you could end up spending hundreds, even thousands of dollars to repair the damage produced by the unwanted guest, and waste a lot of time and resources on making sure it’s all cleared and it won’t come back again. Dehumidifiers are the best when it comes to mold prevention since they keep RH levels within safe parameters, so the answer is definitely yes, the moisture removal unit is suited for RV use.

What level of humidity is uncomfortable?

While the answer does depend according to each individual, it’s safe to assume that comfort levels begin to deteriorate when RH levels pass the recommended 50% threshold. It’s still safe to let humidity go up to 60%, but anything higher than this will make you feel uncomfortable. Needless to say, higher RH implies that mold might start growing in that particular space, so there are other arguments as to why you should keep air moisture in check.

What level of humidity should I keep in the RV?

Just like your home or any other indoor space, the RV needs humidity to be kept at 30% to 50% (60% is the peak accepted point). Otherwise, several issues emerge – the air will feel stuffier, mold will grow and produce costly damage, condensation will form, and overall air quality will be lower. Ventilation and the use of a dehumidifier are the two best tools to keep humidity in check if it goes up too much. On the other hand, if you notice that the air gets too dry, you ought to use a humidifier ASAP. Otherwise, you increase the chances of catching colds and your sinuses won’t be happy with the quality of the air you inhale at all.

How do I check for mold in my RV?

There are two efficient methods to check and see if your camper has fallen victim to the dreaded mold problem, namely:

  • Check for any dank, musty smell. If you feel this type of odor coming from any area in the RV, it’s a clear indicator that mold formation has already emerged.
  • Check surfaces like the walls, floors, and carpets for specifically-colored stains, namely white, black, green, and blue.

How can I keep mold out of my RV?

Dampness issues are quite common with RVs, so you ought to be cautious and try to prevent mold from forming and spreading to keep the camper safe for you to live in and impede any unwanted damage. Aside from using an RV dehumidifier that will effectively lower moisture levels by pulling in excess humidity from the air passing through the unit, these are some of the best alternative or complementary methods you can use:

  • Make sure the camper is well-ventilated by opening a vent and a window or a couple of windows.
  • Turn on a fan to circulate the air and prevent moisture from settling on surfaces.
  • Insulate the windows so that condensation won’t seep into the living area.
  • Turn on the range fan when you cook to expel the excessive moisture that forms when you cook.
  • Open the bathroom vent after you shower.
  • Wipe down the surfaces where you see condensation has formed.

Where should I place the dehumidifier?

There is no right placement necessarily, but ideally, you should put it at the center of the RV if it has enough power to draw in moisture from the whole area. If it’s a smaller dehumidification capacity model, it means that you likely bought it for a specific zone where you know moisture tends to rise, like storage space, the bathroom, or the kitchen. In this situation, place it in the space you have assigned for it. However, we recommend that you check RH levels regularly throughout the camper in this situation to see if the dehumidifier’s assistance is needed elsewhere.

Is it bad to go with an oversized dehumidifier?

As long as the difference between the air coverage and moisture removal capacity of the dehumidifier, and the space size and dehumidification needs of the RV aren’t absurdly large, you can go a bit oversized. However, don’t overdo it because a dehumidifier that’s too powerful could end up drying the air too much. Ideally, you should match the stats of the unit to the situation at hand (namely to the size area and dehumidification needs of your camper).

What is the average lifespan of an RV dehumidifier?

Depending on the exact model you pick, how much you run it, and how well you care for it, a dehumidifier can last from 5 to 10 years. Considering that RV dehumidifiers aren’t very expensive because their area coverage isn’t as large as that of basement dehumidifiers, for example, you won’t feel like you’re taking a financial blow when you have to replace the unit.

Do RV covers cause mold?

If you aren’t careful when selecting the cover for the RV, it can become your enemy. If it is not made with a breathable yet waterproof material, the cover will trap condensation, which in turn will lead to mold and mildew formation. Make sure that the cover you choose has small pores in the fabric so that the moisture can evaporate without letting water droplets seep inside.


We’ve got the end of our analysis in which we tried to cover as many aspects as possible. Although we have chosen only high-quality products, we kept a keen eye for both their qualities and flaws, so you can make an accurate comparison and pick exactly what you need. Nevertheless, apart from price, structure, and performance, other criteria need to be considered, and, this time, it is your turn to make your own ranking according to your budget, preferences, and RV type.

Best RV Dehumidifier for Sale: Frigidaire FFAD5033

It is a top-quality unit and a customer’s favorite, so there’s no chance you could go wrong with it, as everything has been carefully crafted, starting with the sleek housing and user-friendly control panel and ending with the easy-removable water bucket with handle and splash guard. You get an auto shut-off function, auto-restart, and even an auto mode that makes it extremely convenient. Not to mention that it has an excellent dehumidification rate that makes it suitable for motorhomes.

Editor’s Choice: hOmeLabs HME020030N 1,500 Sq. Ft

Our runner-up stands out through a clean design and excellent water removal capabilities. It can stand winter cold, as it comes with an auto-defrost function that keeps the coils from freezing when the temperature drops down to 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, it will restart on its own if a power outage occurs and will shut itself down when the water bucket is full, so it is both safe and convenient.

Best Dehumidifier for Large RVs: Vremi 30 Pint 1,500 Sq. Ft.

It is easy to observe that only a bigger dehumidifier can deal with a whole motorhome, so the bulky design is difficult to avoid in this case. Nevertheless, you can go with a sleek model like this one and get both performance and flawless décor. It offers continuous drainage and comes with a generous 8-pint bucket in case the first variant isn’t available. Besides that, functions and settings are easy to control, as it features an intuitive digital panel.

Best RV Dehumidifier for the Money: Pro Breeze FBA_PB-03-US

An affordable option that is both quiet and cheap to run, this model offers the best quality-price report. It is built of high-quality materials that make it resistant over the years and can provide great dehumidification for small RVs or individual rooms. Moreover, as it is equipped with a generous water recipient, it is both easy to empty and clean and doesn’t require daily maintenance.

Best Dehumidifier for Full-Time RV Living: Keystone KSTAD224D

If you are one of the many people who switch from living in a house with a picket fence to living in an RV that you can relocate with more easily and travel, then you ought to consider this Keystone product for managing excess moisture. It’s very discrete when it runs – makes only 53 dB – so it won’t wake you up when you sleep or distract you when you’re relaxing. Since it is rated to cover 400 square feet, it’s more than sufficient for a decent-size RV, and there’s the added perk that it can remove up to 22 pints of moisture per day. This heavy-duty performance recommends it for full-time RV living since regardless of how humid the area where you camp is, the dehumidifier will effortlessly face upholding proper moisture conditions.

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