Hybrid Cooling
A major shift in the right direction

Generating electricity accounts for over 30% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Demand continues to grow, especially during peak period, driving prices up, straining power grids and forcing the need for even more power plants. The key contributor to this unsustainable cycle is air conditioning — the single largest user of peak summer electricity.

Hybrid Cooling solutions from Ice Energy break the cycle by reducing peak demand from air conditioning by 95%.

Hybrid Cooling combines conventional air conditioning with Ice Energy’s patented Ice Bear ® technology, using each when it’s most efficient and cost effective—saving money and reducing the impact on the environment. Using proven technology, it “charges” itself at night, providing cooling the next day at a fraction of the power — and a fraction of the cost. During peak hours, the Ice Bear uses only 300 watts of electricity, far less than the 10,000 watts typically required by conventional air conditioning units.

Shifting A/C power consumption from day to night has profound benefits.

Power generation and transmission is cleaner and more efficient at night. Simply shifting A/C power consumption from peak to off-peak hours results in:

  • 56% lower NOx emissions
  • 40% lower C02 greenhouse gas emissions
  • A 20-43% reduction in the amount of energy consumed by power plants to generate and deliver electricity.
Hybrid A/C also provides clean, efficient storage for solar PV and wind technologies, increasing their viability and filling an important gap in today's energy portfolio.

By making the shift to Hybrid Cooling, you can improve the efficiency, affordability and sustainability of our energy system. And that’s pretty cool.

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