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Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 9

T here are many ionizers you can choose from, and the Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 9 is an option that deserves your attention because it can bring the benefits of alkaline water into your life without requesting a large investment. This and all the advantages of using this machine are enough reasons for you to choose it for our house. It is reasonably priced considering its capabilities and offers you healthy, superior hydrating alkaline water on demand. If you want to learn more about this machine and its capabilities to see if it is a fitted option for you or not, stick with us until the end.

Filtration properties

The machine employs a single activated carbon filter that can remove a wide assortment of impurities from your tap water, including benzene, trihalomethane, pesticides, volatile organic compounds, radon, and many other harmful toxins. You will enjoy the performance of the carbon filter for a very long time as it can effectively cleanse up to 6,000 liters or 1,585 gallons of water.

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Technical specifications

The name contains a number that represents the number of plates used by the water ionizing machine, in this case, 9 advanced electroplates made of platinum-coated titanium that ensures a long lifespan and the highest performance in delivering alkaline water. Moreover, the plates are energy-efficient and are designed with state-of-the-art electroplate technology that provides excellent conductivity and supports continuous electrolysis. The economical operation is ensured by the high oxidation and erosion resistance with minimal energy consumption.

The power system utilized is a transformer type and it includes a self-cleaning feature that enables the unit to stop every 15 minutes or after every start and stop so it will clean the filter. As for flow rate, this unit can produce up to 4 liters of water per minute, which is an average range.

Deluxe 9 Specs
Dimensions (inch) 8.3 x 4.3 x 13
Anti-Oxidant Potential Range +1000
Maximum Operating Temperature 165°F
Number Of Filter Systems 1
pH Range 3.0 to 11.5
Maximum Power Usage 350 Watts
Water Pressure 14.5 - 43.5 psa
Number Of Electrodes 9
Flow Rate Per Minute 4 liters
Warranty Lifetime
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Ionization properties

Not only this unit can handle cold water, but it also takes hot water up to 165oF and turns it into healthy alkaline water that you can use for bathing or for household chores. Depending on your needs and preferences, it can deliver 7 healthy water options to serve different purposes. There are 4 ionized alkaline water options with a pH range from 7 to 11 and a high ORP of -840, which means that the resulted water has a high oxidation resistance. You can also choose from 2 acidic water presets with a pH from 4.5 to 6.5 and an OPR of +1,000, or you can simply opt for purified water that is being filtered without any change in the pH.

Ease of use

Thanks to the compact design, it easily fits on your counter or you can use the installation kit sold separately and install it under the sink. All the fittings and required parts are provided in the box, so you can install the unit in less than 10 minutes and without professional help. Some of its particularities are:

  • Installation - Using the ionizer is as easy as installing it thanks to the clearly labeled large controls that guide you through every step of the ionization process
  • BPA-free Plastic - The water ionizing machine is built using only FDA approved plastics so you will know that every component through which the water goes is perfectly safe for your health
  • Safe - It’s ETL certified, meaning it does not pose a risk to your safety. It’s also RoHS certified so you can be sure that it doesn’t contain any lead and it is a proud member of the Water Quality Association

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Warranty and Support

The product comes with a generous lifetime warranty that is applied to several specifications. For the first 5 years, the unit is warranted to work properly and any type of repair or even replacement will be performed free of charge. After the first 5 years, the manufacturer still offers you the support you need and provides you with free spare parts and you will only pay for the replacement labor. If the repair costs exceed 20 percent of the initial cost of the water ionizer, you will be able to purchase a new one for 20 percent of the same initial cost.

Bottom Line

No matter how sleek or compact it is, a water ionizer will occupy countertop space. So, how nice it is that this model allows you to choose between a countertop and an under-the-sink installation? It is true that you will need to make a small further investment in the installation kit for the second option, but it is totally worth it. Apart from that, as we have explained before, its capabilities are highly competitive and you will be able to easily adjust its functions. The LCD will help you a lot, along with the nicely labeled buttons. Furthermore, the filter will last you for about a year, so it is economical as well. Not to mention that maintenance is a breeze.

Markus Mackay
Our resident expert in all things AC-related, Markus is a never-ending source of knowledge regarding how these systems work. What makes him so savvy in this field is his direct experience that he acquired while working in sales. The connections he made during that period also came in handy here as Markus knows a lot of experts in this field. With each article uploaded, he makes sure to gather the expertise of his more experienced ex-peers as well, making sure to provide readers with reliable reviews and articles.

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