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Hybrid Cooling Solutions for Homes & Residences
Greening Your Neighborhood

Hybrid Cooling offers comfort without compromise – superior cooling for your home during peak daytime hours for a fraction of the energy and environmental impact of a conventional system.

Ice Energy’s hybrid air conditioning system greens your home’s central air conditioner by creating and storing cooling energy during the night when energy is less expensive and polluting. During peak daytime hours, the stored cooling is delivered through your standard air conditioning system.

Improved Cooling Comfort, Lower Energy Bills

The result is improved cooling comfort, but with 90-95% of the energy use shifted to nighttime hours. Energy bills and maintenance costs are cut, and your home’s energy load is “flattened,” enabling more effective use of solar PV and other energy efficiency measures.

And you can rest at night knowing that choosing Hybrid A/C helps reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and ensure our natural resources are being used more efficiently, with less pollution and ozone smog.

Current Ice Bear® products can be applied to larger homes. Ice Energy products for a wider range of residential applications are planned for 2008.


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