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Rosalind Jackson
Antenna Group (for Ice Energy)
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2006 News
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Anaheim Approves Incentive Program for Ice Storage Air Conditioning
August 11, 2006: Ice Energy, Inc., the leading provider of Ice Storage Air Conditioning (ISAC) systems, today announced that its innovative Ice Bear® energy-storage unit is the only product approved for Anaheim’s new Thermal Energy Storage (TES) Incentive Program.
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Some in California Seek Ice to Ease Crunch
August 10, 2006: City and utility officials throughout Southern California are eyeing a new system that relies on ice to store energy for air conditioners as a possible way to cut peak commercial consumption and reduce the threat of crippling blackouts.
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Energy Efficiency Looks Sexier
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Red Herring; August, 10
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Ice-powered air conditioner could cut costs
August 1, 2006: A young company called Ice Energy has developed an energy-storage system that uses a tank of water to cut down on the power required for air conditioning by 30 percent.
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Title 24 Approval
April 26, 2006: The California Energy Commission today approved the Ice Bear® 50 module - an innovative energy-storage air conditioner -- as an optional compliance measure for the latest revision of California's Title 24 building energy efficiency standards.
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