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Anaheim Public Utilities TES Incentive Program
Specifically Designed to Save Your Business Money

Anaheim Public Utilities is offering a new incentive program to businesses in Anaheim that install Ice Energy’s cost saving Ice Storage Air Conditioners. The program is designed to cover a portion of the installation and equipment costs and save you money on your electric bills for years to come.

The incentive program provides you with rebates that cover up to 85% of the project’s cost and are paid in five installments over a four year period. In addition, you become eligible for a new Time-of-Use electric rate that is specifically designed to work with Ice Storage Air Conditioners to save you money.

The ice storage systems save energy and money by shifting peak energy used by air-conditioners to evening hours. This is accomplished by storing cooling energy during nighttime off-peak hours, when electricity is cheap, abundant, and less polluting. The stored energy is then used during the day to provide equal or better cooling to your building.

The payback for most customers will fall in the range of 2-4 years. With the combination of financing from Bank of America, the program can be cash flow positive immediately!

To download the Anaheim Thermal Energy Flyer from the Anaheim Public Utilities site, click here.

For questions, additional details, or to request membership in the program, contact:

Ice Energy, Inc.
(949) 215-2465

(877) 5-ICEBEAR (877 542-3232)