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California Title-24 Compliance
Compliance Software

Compliance with the new standard is obtained through simulation modeling and measurement against the maximum allowable TDV energy use. Ice Energy®has worked closely with Martyn Dodd and Ken Nittler to incorporate the Ice Bear® ice storage air-conditioner into California’s approved software packages: EnergyPro and Micropas. Incorporating the Ice Bear® unit into a building model is as easy as clicking a mouse.

Click here to view EnergyPro screenshots. Click here to visit the Energy Pro web page.

Click here to view Micropas screenshots. Click here to visit the Micropas web page.

For assistance in choosing the best Ice Bear®B600 model for your building please reference the Ice Bear®B600 Design Guide which can be found above under the reference tab. You can also contact Ice Energy®at 877.5.ICEBEAR.

Using the Ice Bear® ice storage air-conditioner is a simple and cost effective way to bring difficult buildings into compliance with California’s new TDV driven Title 24 Building Energy Standards.

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Compliance Software

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